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Single Serving: Lazyeyes – Lazyeyes EP


I often wonder just what it is within my brain chemistry or deoxyribonucleic acid that predisposes me to the varied types of music I hold most dear. Perhaps I’m being too scientific about it; rarely does one hear, ‘that song speaks to my DNA.’ So if science has little or nothing to do with it, which segment of my soul is it that gives me a predilection towards that which I love instead? I’d be grateful to know the answers to these questions, but for now I’m content to wave aside the analytics and just let the music affect me however it will.

And in the case of Brooklyn’s Lazyeyes, oh how it affects me. From the first notes of “Wait,” off the band’s eponymous debut EP, and right up to the end of subsequent track “Daydream,” the synapses never cease firing. Shoegaze guitars, spacey rhythms, and lots of oohs and aahs just kinda do it for me. Weightier themes that runs in opposition to their relative inexperience add another layer to the appreciation, as tonally there is a fair bit of youthful exuberance countering the occasional darker moment.

Though the band remains in their early days with only one four-song EP and another one-off track, they have yet to hit a bum note according to my ears. At work on their debut full length, Lazyeyes are a band with promise, whether or not you like dream-pop, shoegaze or the like.

You can get the EP for the price of your choosing at their bandcamp page, and keep an eye out for news of the coming album. We certainly will.