Single Serving: Germany Germany - Just Go (feat. Steffaloo) - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Germany Germany – Just Go (feat. Steffaloo)

It is sunny and beautiful in San Francisco today – and it seems like a lot of the rest of the country is experiencing similarly awesome weather.  Kase and I spent the day riding bikes through Golden Gate Park and just soaking in the sun.  So it just felt like perfect timing when I received this upbeat and sunny tune by Victoria, Canada artist Germany Germany (a.k.a. Drew Harris) in the inbox.  It features Steffaloo (one of TK’s most beloved new musicians) and it’s evocatively reminds me of the way light flickers when you are riding/driving beneath tree branches on a sunny day. Drew is in the process of printing his first physical release as Germany Germany – a 17-track cassette available from Distorted Disco (a site where you’ll be able to buy art and hand-crafted clothing from artists like Drew and Steffaloo.

Germany Germany – Just Go (Feat. Steffaloo)