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Single Serving: The Parting Gifts – Strychnine Dandelion

I won’t speak for my readers, but personally I love nothing more than good straight-forward, down & dirty, classical-era inspired rock n’ roll.  The type of album that could only exist because a few dudes hung out and dropped the needle on stacks and stacks of vinyl by folks like the Kinks, Rolling Stones and David Bowie.  I imagine this hypothetical crew thinking: “No one writes them like they used to”.  And who knows, maybe I’m way off base here, but – based on their music – it certainly sounds to me like you could have pretty heated conversations with The Parting Gifts‘ songwriters, Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sounds, Compulsive Gamblers, The Oblivians) and Coco Hames (the Ettes, Coco Motion), about their favorite obscure 60’s garage rock records.

The Parting Gifts debut, Strychnine Dandelion, is a pure, snarling collection of tumbling, raucous rock and roll.  The album features a collection of guest appearances from rock devotees including the likes of folks like The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach and The Raconteurs’ Patrick Keeler. This one is scheduled for release on November 9. They also recorded a 7″ for Norton Records Rolling Stones collection that is available now.

Oh – and I should probably mention that things will be quiet around here for a little while.  Kasey and I will be in Toronto next week for a wedding, so we’ll be taking a few days off.  We’ll also be devoting a little additional time to prepping our soon-to-launch new site.  We’re calling our new baby Turntable Kitchen.   Follow us on our new twitter account to stay in the loop.

The Parting Gifts – Keep Walkin’

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