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Single Serving: The New Heaven And The New Earth – All Saints’ Day

The New Heaven And The New Earth is the hauntingly beautiful chamber-pop project of Philadelphia songwriter Roger Alejandro Martinez and the production and assistance of classically trained cellist, Jeffrey Russ.  Their debut EP All Saints’ Day was released earlier this week on August 31.  Throughout the EP, Martinez’s vocals float ghost-like through an enchantingly mysterious field of hang-picked guitar, swirling arpeggios and distant strings.   The result is a lush, otherworldly soundscape that is both unsettling and occasionally hopeful, which is mirrored perfectly by Martinez’s eerie lyrics, such as on the track “Santa Muerte”: “And I live in a house where everything is soft / and everything is friendly / and everything is boring / and everything is dying / and I am always sleeping until the happy spectres finally come and wake me.”  On “St. Valentine” guest musician Gabrielle Smith contributes soothing but mournful vocals to a melody of subtle, ringing piano that leads to a sea of menacing strings creating a tensely evocative setting.   All Saints’ Day is available on vinyl and cassette in limited edition individually hand-crafted packages by the always impressive Edible Onion label.  Harpist Darian Scatton who contributed to the album also designed the gorgeous lyric booklet that accompanies the album.  If you haven’t stopped by the Edible Onion site before to check out their own excellent releases (all featuring hand-tailored packaging), now would be the time.

The New Heaven And The New Earth – Simon
The New Heaven And The New Earth – St. Valentine

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