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Single Serving: DJ Car Stereo (Wars) – Explains It All

I generally prefer to avoid comparing artists to one another, but to not mention Girl Talk when discussing DJ Car Stereo (Wars) would be extremely disingenuous.   Let me put it like this: if you don’t like Girl Talk, you’re not going to like DJ Car Stereo (Wars) either.  They are both mash-up artists that can successfully shoehorn 30 plus samples into three minutes and end up with an awesome tune.  In fact, the most significant difference between the two artists is their choice in samples.  But even in that regard there is a lot of overlap.  For example, the most noticeable difference is that DJ Car Stereo (Wars) uses slightly less modern rap, slightly more 90’s era hip hop, and copious amounts of guilty pleasures-type pop music.  On Explains It All you’ll hear Will Smith (Fresh Prince-era), Easy-E, the Men In Black female backup vocals, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, etc.  And with all of that said, if you do like Girl Talk, you’ll probably also like Explains It All.  And, if you are unconvinced, I might point out – it is a free download.   Get it here.

DJ Car Stereo (Wars) – Whoa Dude
DJ Car Stereo (Wars) – Bouncehouse

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