Local Pairings: Joanna Newsom - Yarn & Glue EP (paired w/ Blue Plate, San Francisco, CA) - Turntable Kitchen
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Local Pairings: Joanna Newsom – Yarn & Glue EP (paired w/ Blue Plate, San Francisco, CA)

Joanna Newsom recently announced the February 23rd release of her next album entitled, Have One on Me. Her last two albums were stunning, and so I’m eagerly awaiting this one. The anticipation for Have One on Me brought to mind the first time I heard Joanna Newsom’s solo music. I first met her when I was interviewing her and her former band, the Pleased, for the now-defunct Sponic zine. During the interview, she mentioned that she had a solo gig where she sang and played harp. When I decided to go catch one of her solo performances at the Hemlock Tavern, I really can’t say what I expected at the time, but I certainly hadn’t expected what I heard. Her music was unique, original and just stunningly beautiful and weird at the same time. Based on my initial impression, I described her voice as “folksy” and “Bjork-esque” to friends. After the set, she mentioned that she had just signed to Merge, and that it was the last time she was allowed to sell her hand-packaged and homemade EPs. I bought both. And so, with that in mind and in honor of her upcoming new album, today’s Local Pairing is the now unavailable 2003 Yarn and Glue EP.

Yarn and Glue was self-distributed by Newsom and copies (that she made at home on CD-Rs) were sold out of a suitcase. It features demo versions of a number of the songs that would later appear on her full-length debut including “Bridges and Balloons,” “The Sprout and The Bean,” and “This Side of The Blue.” “What We Have Known” was later available as a B-side to “the Sprout and the Bean” single. The title track is otherwise unreleased. Check ’em out:

Joanna Newsom – The Sprout and The Bean (demo)
Joanna Newsom – This Side of the Blue (demo)
Joanna Newsom – Yarn and Glue (demo)
Joanna Newsom – What We Have Known (demo)
Joanna Newsom – Bridges and Balloons (demo)

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