Musical Pairings: The Cure - Japanese Whispers (paired w/ spicy almond-butter noodles) - Turntable Kitchen
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Musical Pairings: The Cure – Japanese Whispers (paired w/ spicy almond-butter noodles)

This almond-butter noodle recipe is fun, and easy. It’s great for a night when you want a slightly spicy, flavorful dish to lift your spirits, but don’t want to put in a lot of work. And, it is a colorful eye-catching dish with the carrots, red pepper and snap peas. Something about the color scheme seems very 80s to me. So for these reasons, I dug into the greatest albums of the 80’s section of my iTunes and pulled out the Cure‘s fantastic Japanese Whispers.

Japanese Whispers is a compilation album that the band released in 1983 to collect three otherwise album-less (at the time of its release that is) singles: “Lovecats,” “Lets Go To Bed,” and “The Walk.” The album also included most of the singles’ b-sides including “The Upstairs Room” and “Lament.” It also serves as the best demonstration of the band’s move away from the darker, moodier work they recorded on albums like “Pornography” and “Faith” towards more danceable, synth-based tunes that previewed the style they would pursue on albums The Head on the Door and Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. More importantly, it just sounds great. “Lets Go To Bed” is playful and cute. “The Walk” is synthed-up and jazzy. And the final single on the album, “The Lovecats” is probably the most ridiculous and silly, yet successful and permanently enjoyable tracks ever recorded by any band ever. The CD is available at Insound and (even better) copies on wax aren’t too difficult to find at most local record stores.

The Cure – The Walk

You can find the corresponding recipe for the spicy almond-butter noodles at eating/sf.