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Single Serving: A Few Random Mash-Ups by The Hood Internet

So this Single Serving is really just an excuse to post a couple of MP3s from the Hood Internet (best mash-ups outside of whatever Greg Gillis is doing) that I’ve been looking forward to posting for awhile. First is “Bot Control” which is a mashup of Yea Big + Kid Static vs. Hey Champ. Besides the fact that I’ve had a small crush on Yea Big + Kid Static ever since seeing them play with Human Reunion at a gig in Ohio, this is a rap about Mega Man – as in 8-bit Nintendo Mega Man. More accurately it is a song rapped from the perspective of Mega Man. How cool is that?

The second is a pretty awesome mash-up of M.I.A. v. Ocelot, and lets just be awesome – M.I.A. makes everything awesome. You could probably mash-up Kala with the worst album of all time and it would still be extremely listenable. Check em out:

The Hood Internet – Bot Control (Yea Big + Kid Static v. Hey Champ)

The Hood Internet – Our Boyz (M.I.A. v. Ocelot)