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Musical Pairings: Hercules & The Love Affair (paired w/ lemon ricotta pancakes)

Kasey and Matthew are presently enjoying their wedding/honeymoon. Eye-witness reports indicate that the newly married couple have been spotted in the streets of Buenos Aires. In light of these circumstances, today’s post is essentially a new and improved re-run: like when Apple updates the iPod. Each version is always better than the previous version. Anyways, if you liked it before, you’ll love it now. P.S. Completely new posts will resume in October!

I loved Kasey’s lemon, ricotta pancakes. This playful, creative take on an old favorite (pancakes that is) manages to call to mind the essence of traditional pancake recipes while simultaneously tasting brand new. When we first enjoyed this recipe, we had been hosting friends for a brunch that included these pancakes and some delicious mimosas. The result was a very happy, celebratory meal with good friends. Since that time we prepared this recipe for my parents when they visited to help us prepare for our wedding. Obviously, this calls for a fun, upbeat musical pairing.

And for this reason, Hercules & the Love Affair’s self-titled album is the perfect pairing for this recipe. To record this album, songwriter Andrew Butler called upon a collection of friends including Antony (from Antony & the Johnsons) to help record arrangements he had prepared. The result was this stunning, upbeat album. Although reminiscent of 70’s disco, Hercules & the Love Affair definitely feels like a fully realized evolution of the genre: something new that borrows upon other contemporary genres such as electronica, club music and house. In other words, this isn’t retro – its brand new. Pick up the album at Insound.

Hercules & The Love Affair – True False, Fake Real

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