Musical Pairings: Boards of Canada - Music Has a Right to Children (paired with chocolate-oatmeal-walnut cookies) - Turntable Kitchen
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Musical Pairings: Boards of Canada – Music Has a Right to Children (paired with chocolate-oatmeal-walnut cookies)

Kasey has done it again. She has made another irresistible batch of yummy cookies for me. And I mean it when I say these cookies are… er, were irresistible. This recipe is one she borrowed from Tartine bakery in the Mission: chocolate-oatmeal-walnut cookies. And these cookies are delicious. They are warm, flavorful and comforting. Better still, these are milk dunkin’ cookies – the type of cookies that inspire a certain sense of nostalgia. So this recipe calls for a warm, comforting album that brings about a sense of reminiscence. And no album encompasses warmth, comfort and wistfulness better than Boards of Canada’s Music Has The Right To Children.

Music Has The Right to Children is one of those spectacular albums that almost sounds both completely original and yet strangely familiar at the same time. Something about tracks like “An Eagle In Your Mind,” “Triangles and Rhombuses,” “Turquoise Hexagon Sun,” and “roygbiv” sound like the musical equivalent of a chef creating a gourmet version of a childhood favorite. Essentially, what Boards of Canada have accomplished on Music Has The Right to Children is crafted an album that sounds like someone creating insanely cool music to soundtrack the films you may have watched in elementary school about the circulatory system, acute v. obtuse triangles, or nature. Unlike many other musicians who create electronic music, Boards of Canada’s music is warm, scratchy and emotive. They deftly weave atmospheric music with vaguely wistful vocal samples with simple, tuneful beats. The most important thing to know about this album is that it is also (in my opinion) the absolute best electronic music album crafted ever. The. Best. Ever. And it never seems to grow old or stale. Other standouts include “Telephasic Workshop” and “Aquarius,” but the entire album is solid. It took me a few months to finally score a copy of this album on vinyl, but copies are still floating around out there. In the meantime you could pick up a CD copy at Insound.

Boards of Canada – An Eagle In Your Mind
Boards of Canada – roygbiv

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