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Musical Pairings: Mickey 3D – Tu Vas Pas Mourir De Rire (paired with strawberry and blueberry tart)

Kasey’s strawberry-blueberry tart is a fun and uplifting dessert. It is sweet, creamy, and it tastes so good you’ll want to bob your head in happiness with every bite. So I wanted to find an equally upbeat Musical Pairing to go with this recipe. At first glance, Mickey 3D‘s 2003 album Tu Vas Pas Mourir De Rire doesn’t seem like the perfect album to pair with this recipe. For example, the lyrics (to the degree that I understand them based upon reading poor translations) are not particularly upbeat. In fact, they are actually more thoughtful and considerate than they are happy. And even the album’s title, Tu Vas Pas Mourir De Rire, which translates to “You Won’t Die Laughing”, isn’t exactly gleeful. Nonetheless, I find singer/songwriter Mickaël Furnon’s bouncy melodies and bouyant guitar playing to be enough to put me in a great mood. And besides, who said you can’t be complex and fun all at the same time? After all, Wes Anderson has made his career as a director by simultaneously achieving both. And since Tu Vas Pas Mourir De Rire and this recipe are also fun and relatively complex – this really is a great Musical Pairing.

Mickey 3D are a French pop-rock act from Saint-Étienne, Rhône-Alpes. Tu Vas Pas Mourir De Rire, which was realeased in 2003, is the band’s third album, and is easily my favorite album they have released. Mickey 3D cover a lot of ground on this record. “Respire” opens with cracked, busted percussion and jangly guitars and Furnon’s almost spoken lyrics, which are later joined by keyboards and synths. The tight, cold opening guitar harmony on the playfully menacing track “Mimoun, fils de Harki” sounds a lot like something that could have been recorded by Modest Mouse. “Yalil (la fin des haricots)” is sprightly and Middle Eastern in influence. Furnon demonstrates a lot of diversity in his very capable song writing abilities on these fantastic tracks alone, which happen to be three of the first four on the album. However, my favorite tracks are the ones that happen to be the most upbeat sounding cuts the album has to offer: the simple, minimalist “Les Gens Raisonnables” and the slinky, joyous sounding “Ca M’etonne Pas.” All and all this is just a great album, and definitely worth discovering. Pick it up at Insound.

Mickey 3D – Les Gens Raisonnables
Mickey 3D – Ca M’etonne Pas

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