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Single Serving: Radiohead Rarities, Vol. 1

My copy of iTunes informs me that I have 374 Radiohead tracks presently on my hard drive. I also have a very significant number of bootlegs (lets just say it is well over 25 bootlegs) that are not stored on my hard drive from when I was *slightly* more obsessive than I am today w/r/t Radiohead. Instead of indiscrimantly dumping tons of widely available MP3s on you, what I hope to offer is a Musical Pairings curated mix of top Radiohead live tracks, rarities, etc. I have many more MP3s that are worth sharing, but I wanted to keep this manageable. Nonetheless, keep your eyes peeled for volume 2, which will likely include some Thom solo from Bridge School tracks, an early acoustic guitar version of Motion Picture Soundtrack, a 1995 set from KROQ, and a remix of Fitter Happier by Kid Koala. If you are a Radiohead fan and have some recommendations for live cuts or remixes for the next installment – please leave a suggestion in the comments field.

Radiohead – Intro Music (Live)
Radiohead – The Bends (Undated live recording)
Radiohead – National Anthem (Live in Tokyo 4/18/2004)
Radiohead – Permanent Daylight (Live in Warrington 2/10/2000)
Radiohead – Arpeggi/Weird Fishes (Outside Lands, San Francisco 8/22/2008)
Radiohead – The Gloaming (Outside Lands, San Francisco 8/22/2008)
Radiohead – Sing A Song For You (Acapella Tim Buckley Cover: Live 1995)
Radiohead – Big Boots (Man-o-War) (Live in Salamanaca, Spain 2002)
Radiohead – Lift (Live in Landgraaf, Netherlands 1996)
Radiohead – Life in a Glass House (Live on Jools Holland 6/9/2001)
Radiohead – Blowout (feat. the Posies)(Live on CBC Radio in Vancouver 3/22/1996)
Radiohead – My Iron Lung (Thom & Jonny Live on MTV’s Most Wanted 1995)
Radiohead – Lucky (Early Version)(Live at Cat’s Paw Studios, Atlanta, 4/18/1995)
Radiohead – Everything In Its Wrong Place (Me & This Army Remix)
Radiohead – Idioteque Calisthenics (ft. Gift of Gab & Cut Chemist)
Radiohead – Good Morning Mr. Magpie (Pawel Osmolski Full-Band Mix)
Radiohead – Nude (Holy Fuck Remix)

And here is a video I recorded of Radiohead performing Arpeggi live at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, California: