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Musical Pairings: Girl Talk – Feed the Animals (paired w/ fish tacos with spicy salsa)

Although fish tacos may not seem like an intricate dish, after trying this recipe, I think you’d agree that the quality of any fish taco is heavily dependent upon the individual ingredients you use to make the taco. That is to say – each ingredient is important. That is certainly true with this recipe, which is fantastic. Here, the pickled onions are every-bit as important as the fresh, spicy salsa, which is then as important to this recipe as the seasoned fish. In other words, lots of small parts contribute to create a delicious, flavorful taco that seems fun and effortless. These tacos are fun for dinner for two, but are also excellent party food. Girl Talk‘s album Feed the Animals is similarly fun, seemingly effortless party music, and is successful in part due to the well thought out selection of quality pieces that comprise the whole.

Girl Talk is the most well-known of the moniker’s adopted by mash-up DJ Greg Gillis (he also goes by the name Trey Told ‘Em). What makes Gillis stand-out from the flood of less-talented mash-up DJs is his excellent selection of numerous, brief, well-known samples recontextualized into a seamless patch-work to create a whole-new danceable track. For example, on the first track on Feed the Animals, Girl Talk relies upon at least 25 identified samples that include samples of UGK feat. Outkast, Sinead O’Connor, Rage Against the Machine, Huey Lewis, Twisted Sister, and Bird Man & Lil’ Wayne. It is definitely worth your time. Feed the Animals is available on a “pay what you want” basis from Illegal Art. Oh, and if you get a chance, go check out Girl Talk’s live set – it is ridiculously fun (see the video [below] that I recorded at a recent show at the Fillmore). Below, I’ve provided links to a veritable Girl Talk starter kit for your enjoyment including a rare track from the 2007 Illegal Art Sampler that is more representative of his glitchy, pre-Night Ripper work and his new remix of Bonde Do Role’s Gasolina:

Girl Talk – Still Here (from Feed the Animals)
Girl Talk – Bounce That (from Night Ripper)
Girl Talk – LC and Lo (from the Bone Hard Zaggin’ 7″)
Girl Talk – Let’s Run This (from a 2007 Illegal Art Sampler)
Bonde Do Role – Gasolina (Girl Talk Remix)

Video from Girl Talk live at the Fillmore in San Francisco, California:


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