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Musical Pairings: The Field – From Here We Go Sublime and Wild Baked Salmon

Some of the best dishes are made with few ingredients. The basil butter salmon is one of these dishes–consisting of fresh basil, butter, garlic, salt and pepper. Likewise, the Field’s album From Here We Go Sublime really makes the most of very few ingredients.

On the Field’s From Here We Go Sublime, Axel Willner crafts a minimalist techno/trance masterpiece based on pretty basic drum tracks, hi hats, and well selected and well placed samples looped almost endlessly. The result is an elegant and driving sort of nearly ambient electronica that seems almost effortless. I say “nearly ambient” primarily because Willner builds many of his songs by selecting a sample that alone sounds ambient. But then, he carefully swaps out samples to create a building rhythm that makes tracks such as the danceable “The Little Heart Beats So Fast” entirely enjoyable. Other highlights on the album include the song “Silent,” which is built in part from samples of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.”

You can sample the Field – From Here We Go Sublime on the Kompakt website. –Matthew

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