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Wanna submit your music or the music of an artist you represent to be reviewed on Musical Pairings? We’d love to hear it. Although it often takes awhile to listen to everything we receive, we make a point of listening to at least one song by every artist/band that is submitted. Don’t be discouraged if it we don’t respond for awhile – because we get pretty backed up.

A few tips:

1) I’m a vinyl junkie and I’m on a mission to encourage others to switch to the format. If I get a vinyl record in the mail – it always gets preference. We don’t normally review singles – but we will happily make an exception for a 7″ single if you send me a physical copy (address below).

2) If you want your album to be featured on Musical Pairings, you must offer at least one MP3 for free download from the album. It can be any track from the album you like.

3) If you have certain songs that you don’t want shared – let us know and we will always honor your request.

4) If you have a certain song that you specifically want to be shared – we will always honor that request as well. If you don’t want any MP3s to be shared at all – we probably won’t review your album (sorry).

5) I’d ask that you highlight one track that you’d like me to listen to first. Because we have a large number of submissions – it may be the only track I listen to when deciding how I feel about your submission.

6) Please include a short bio with your album. It can be very short (i.e. band name, members names, which instruments they play, city the band is from).

7) Please include digital album art with your submission or a link to where I can download said album art.

Send physical mail to: Matthew Hickey, 525 Market Street, 17th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94122
Send e-mails to: musicalpairings(at)gmail(dot)com