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Beretta- A Hit in the Dark?

I meant to go to Beretta ages ago. Ok, not ages ago, but let me tell you–getting here was definitely a long road. I initially tried to reserve it for a birthday dinner, which ended up being quite problematic as I had entirely too many people slated for a dinner and didn’t want to commit to a set menu. That said, we ended up going to Little Star and I vowed to check out Beretta in a smaller group.

On Friday night, I got what I wanted. Despite the 1 hour wait for a 3 person table (they don’t take reservations for groups of less than 6), I had a lovely girls night out. The setting is a definite hit. Intimate, cozy and slightly edgy, the restaurant features a long bar staffed by ‘mixologists.’ Mine mixed up a fantastic concoction called the “Lonsdale”–barely alcoholic as I asked, but incredibly refreshing and tasty. The nice thing about this place is that you can grab a seat at the bar while waiting for your table and pass the time pretty quickly.

When we were finally seated, we opted to share several plates amongst the three of us–a prosciutto pizza, carciofi (that’s artichokes in Italian) alla Romana, and the squid ink risotto. I’m pretty hard to please when it comes to Italian food and especially Italian pizza (I like it thin, I like it crisp, light on the sauces and toppings and as fresh as possible). That said, I was pretty impressed by all of the flavors. The risotto was incredibly surprising and delicious. The pizza was perfectly cooked and the artichokes (served in a perfect portion of three–grilled and topped with bread crumbs) hit the spot. Overall, the menu got me pretty excited and delivered through and through. The perfect end to a meal? Their house-made gelati. I opted for a curious chocolate/amaretto combination, served with an amaretto cookie. Unlike restaurants that serve a tiny ball of gelato and call that satisfying, Beretta pulled through again with a generous portion that left me perfectly satisfied.

Don’t let that holdup incident hold you back! This place rocks.