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Introducing the Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box: a curated food and music discovery experience, delivered to your door. Just $25/month + tax *shipping’s on us!

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Update: We’re sold out of the November Pairings Box! We’ll be accepting orders for the December Pairings Box on November 15th! Enter your email address above to stay updated.
Every month, you’ll receive a hand-assembled box of goodies to create a unique food and music pairing of your own. In each box you’ll find:
  • A limited-edition, hand-numbered 7-inch vinyl single featuring a pair of tracks by one of TK’s favorite artists/bands.
  • An exclusive, downloadable TK-curated digital mixtape packed with some of the most exciting up-and-coming new artists we’ve listened to. Find the download code in your Tasting Notes.
  • A collection of three completely original, seasonal, themed recipes for you to try. You won’t be able to find them anywhere else.
  • 1-2 premium dried ingredients for you to make 2-4 servings of each dish or drink (depending on each month’s theme). Each month, we’ll feature a special spice, flour, grain, or bean you’ll need to pull together a fabulous meal for yourself and a few friends.
  • Our suggested Pairings, tasting notes, and additional insights into the music and food that we’re sharing with you.
  • Occasional treats in the form of edible goodies, artist recipes, special reviews and bonus songs will surprise you along the way!
This is a food and music experience you won’t want to miss!