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  1. Single Serving: Spoon – Live at Fillmore West (9/22/2008)

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    Welcome to Musical Pairing post No. 98. We’re almost to 100 – and so I thought I’d offer up two posts today in honor. Watch for post No. 100 on Friday. And I haven’t posted any Spoon tracks recently on Musical Pairings, and that simply can’t stand. Below I’ve posted a .zip file of a gig Spoon performed at the Fillmore in San Francisco on September 22, 2008, as well as single .mp3s of some of the sets highlights, covers and rarities. In addition, I’m going to take the opportunity to re-post (in a separate post) the collection of covers I previously posted on these pages in addition to a number of new ones that were later uncovered including a few posted by You Ain’t No Picasso in response to my original post. For now, this nearly soundboard boot from the Fillmore, check it out:

    Spoon – Live at Fillmore, SF – 9/22/2008 (.zip file)(right click and “save as”)

    1. Intro
    2. They Never Got You
    3. Don’t You Evah
    4. Rhythm and Soul
    5. Stay Don’t Go
    6. Jonathan Fisk
    7. Delicate Place
    8. Ghost Of You Lingers
    9. Beast & Dragon, Adored
    10. Me and the Bean
    11. I Turn My Camera On
    12. Written in Reverse
    13. Chicago at Night
    14. Who Makes Your Money
    15. Don’t Make Me a Target
    16. Finer Feelings
    17. I Summon You
    18. You Got Yr Cherry Bomb
    19. Underdog
    20. Black Like Me
    21. Utilitarian
    22. Peace Like a River (Paul Simon Cover)
    23. Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine
    24. Rocks Off (Rolling Stone Cover)

    pics by JJ^2 and SJSharkTank

    Also, you may enjoy these videos I recorded when Spoon performed at Cafe Du Nord in July, 2007 including a recording of a few of my favorite early Spoon songs:

    “Quincy Punk Episode”