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  1. Single Serving: Beck Covers Velvet Underground & Nico


    In case you missed it, Beck has started what he refers to as a “Record Club” where he gets together a group of his friends and covers a classic/famous album from start to finish. For the first album, he joined with a series of folks including producer Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker, Brian Lebarton, Bram Inscore, Yo, Giovanni Ribisi, Chris Holmes, and from Iceland, special guest Thorunn Magnusdottir. I’d say the whole thing turned out pretty well. Take a listen to the MP3s from the set that I’ve collected below. He is joining up with MGMT, Devendra Banhart, and members of Wolfmother and Little Joy for the next project. It will be exciting to see which album they picked.

    1. Beck – Sunday Morning
    2. Beck – I’m Waiting For My Man
    3. Beck – Femme Fatale
    4. Beck – Venus In Furs
    5. Beck – Run Run Run
    6. Beck – All Tomorrow’s Parties
    7. Beck – Heroin
    8. Beck – There She Goes
    9. Beck – I’ll Be Your Mirror
    10. Beck – Black Angel’s Death Song
    11. Beck – European Son


    12. Beck – Heroin (alternate version with Beck vocals)