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  1. Single Serving: Thousand – Tous Les Jours EP


    I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I was sifting through Bandcamp for music from Bordeaux. Well, to be honest, I didn’t stop with Bordeaux. In fact, I delved into portions of the local music scenes from Paris, Toulouse, Lyon and other French cities (at least to the extent that those scenes were represented on Bandcamp). In the process, I discovered weeks worth of great music. And of all of the great bands I found, Paris’ Thousand was the most startlingly awesome discovery. The solo project of Paris’ St├ęphane Milochevitch (who is accompanied only by a female harmonies), Thousand has all of the qualities of a good glass of a strong red wine: bold, smooth, and enticingly spicy. Indeed, Milochevitch’s distinctive croon sounds oak-aged with a well-balanced smokiness. With those wood-trimmed vocals centered within a bed of dark synth and sparse acoustic guitar, the result is a particularly drinkable noir style of indie pop.

    Thousand – The Fall

    Get more from Thousand on his Bandcamp page.

    P.S. this EP is well worth $4 – Buy it!!

  2. Single Serving: Pendentif – Pendentif EP


    French Indie Pop PendentifHave I ever told you how much I love Bandcamp? I love it a lot. If I had more free time I’d get lost in that site every single day. This weekend I spent about an hour or so searching for bands from Bordeaux (long story) and stumbled upon many awesome finds with Pendentif being one of my favorites. As I discovered, Bordeaux actually has a pretty awesome music scene. Yet another reason I need to convince Kasey that it should be one of our next travel destinations. The trio’s eponymous debut EP collects four air-light indie pop jams. Woven together with brightly colored and upbeat rhythms, the 4 tracks collected here feature lovely French vocals buoyed by reedy, smooth harmonies and shimmering, catchy melodies. These tunes are sure to lighten your mood and elevate your spirits.

    Pendentif – Riviera

    You can buy their album from Bandcamp.