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  1. Artist Guest Post {Evy Jane} featuring Zoey Ockenden

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    I crushed hard on the Evy Jane debut EP back when I first heard it early this year. And after having lived with it for the better part of the year now, it’s safe to say that it may be my favorite new music discovery this year. So, as you can imagine, I was really excited to see what Evy Jane would recommend when I asked them to share one of their favorite new music discoveries. And Wow. I’m thinking I need to start asking musicians to contribute their favorite new tracks more often. I was impressed by the songwriting and vocals on these tracks. You will be too.    ~Matthew

    I really love my friend Zoey.
    She is my kinda girl:  hyper-intelligent, funny, weird, and of a kind & feral heart.  She can do several magic tricks (They’re not tricks!! It’s real!!) that I’ve never known anyone else in the world to do.  REAL witch.  Not just another Tumblr witch!
    Beyond this, she writes acoustic pop anthems like it’s no big deal.  They’re all such well-written songs.  She just gets it.  You can hear some of them here:  http://soundcloud.com/zoey-ockenden
    She and I are just finishing editing a music video for a song we made together.  It was my first time producing in Ableton, and both of our first times making a video.  IT WAS SO FUN.  I will post it on my twitter (@heavyevelyn) in a few days!

    Right now I’m listening to John Talabot, Hijos Del Sol (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiWuTYaPtdI), Death Grips, DJ Physical Therapy, Miguel, and, as always, Leonard Cohen.  I’m fond of this new band, Savages, as well.  Oh, and I’ll probably get into the new Fiona Apple, too.  I luv her.  Jeremiah seems to be liking Actress.

    Love Eternal,
    Evy Jane

  2. Musical Pairings: Boards of Canada – Geogaddi (paired with blood orange and pickled onion salad with gray sea salt)

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    Today’s recipe on eating/sf is a blood orange and pickled onion salad with gray sea salt. It features sophisticated ingredients and strong flavors. It is tangy and citrus-y, but well balanced with the pickled onions and gray sea salt. Boards of Canada‘s 2002 IDM masterpiece, Geogaddi, is my choice for a pairing with this recipe because it is also sophisticated and balanced with strong textures and music.

    Boards of Canada is an experimental electronica duo that consists of Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin. Geogaddi picks up and moves forward from where the duo left-off on their 1998 Music Has A Right To Children. That is to say that Geogaddi is minimal, beautiful, textured down-tempo electronica, but is less likely to invoke childhood nostalgia that its predecessor. Nonetheless, the soundscapes on Geogaddi are as evocative and lovely as ever. Like the album art that accompanies the record, the music on Geogaddi is kaleidoscopic: warbling synths covered by waves of tape hiss and crackle split into fractions and blend, sometimes disorientingly, with more organic sounding instruments such as flutes, woodwind instruments and taught percussion. Although they still sample children’s voices to create a wistful feeling, they also sample Liam Nielsen, ghostly moans, and occasionally some very dark vocal cut-ups. This is another album that rewards the use of a good pair of headphones and a little concentration. It is out of print on wax, but you can still purchase a digital copy at iTunes or Amazon.

    Boards of Canada – Sunshine Recorder

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