Single Serving: Espa - Pray For Me - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: Espa – Pray For Me


London’s Espa moves in a unique direction on “Pray For Me” crafting a sound that trends more toward something in the vein of UK garage but with a jazzy-touch and seductive vocals. It’s the first single (produced by Hoskins) taken from her forthcoming EP called LG60 out on 29th June via The Others.

Speaking about the track, she told to The Fader that it “is my way of expressing that desperate moment when you long to see the light, you long for an intangible force to save you from a situation that’s going nowhere. Although some might see this as a negative scenario, I’m trying to convey that this universal experience can be embraced as a positive new beginning. We’re all running from our own demons, but sometimes we get brave enough to turn round and face them head on. It’s here, in this vulnerable moment, that we can capture our true strength.” Take a listen below.