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Single Serving: Snoh – Emotional

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If our faces actually represented emoji’s in real life, mine surely would’ve been replaced with the biggest heart-shaped eyes EVAAAR, after hearing Snoh’s “Emotional.” Man, what a song?!?!?

If you read the description on the song’s Soundcloud page you will learn that the making of this fabulous tune is the result of a first time collaboration between between her and Wu-Tang member RZA. She goes on to say “This song represents exactly what I’m going through at this very moment in my life,” and labels it as the perfect pre-Valentine tale, and I couldn’t agree more. You can just feel the emotion pouring from the speakers, the horns, the rhythm and timing and her powerful voice all come together to create this vintage soulful vibe. It’s original, yet seemingly familiar at the same time. This song would sound amazing on vinyl!