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Single Serving: Levek – Look on the Bright Side

Let’s talk about making an entrance.  If you are going to enter a new scene and want to get notice, you need to turn some heads.  That means there is some pressure to produce right from the moment you put your foot in the door.  Well, Father / Daughter Records know a thing or two about making a great first impression.  After all, they are only on their third release, and each one of those releases have been individually unique, notable and impressive.  Indeed, you may have already stumbled upon some morsel from the mountain of praise unloaded upon their third release, a 7″ sliver of vinyl featuring two tracks by up-and-comers Levek.  Levek is the brain child of David Levesque, a Florida school bus driver who has previously posted a fascinating collection of covers of tunes by folks such as Radiohead, St. Vincent, Grizzly Bear, Jeff Buckley, Bon Iver, and more on his YouTube Channel.  His first official single is an original titled “Look on the Bright Side” — a lavish, velvety funk/soul jam that is almost craven in its’ loose, flowing harmonies and smooth, floating vocals.  You’d be well-advised to stop by Father / Daughter and order a copy for your collection before they are gone.  This is definitely one of the year’s best singles.

Levek – Look on the Bright Side

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