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Musical Pairings: MillionYoung – Be So True EP (paired w/ Grilled Scallops and Nectarines with Corn and Tomato Salad)

Grilled scallops and nectarines with corn and tomato salad.  Featuring deliciously seasonal ingredients, the recipe just screams “late summer / early fall” meal.  It has a slightly tropical flair that is perfect for one of those evenings when the air starts getting cool (but not cold), and you are still desperately clutching white-knuckled onto the final days of summer.  And for that reason, it pairs well with the shimmeringly upbeat Florida-based synth pop songwriter Mike Diaz (a.k.a. MillionYoung)‘s Be So True EP.

Be So True unfolds with ambient synths and crisp, bouncing percussion that flow alongside Diaz’s buried vocals on the crystalline album opener “Cynthia.”  The album’s second track “Soft Denial” develops around a twinkling and stuttering melody that will either get you dancing – or at least bobbing your head.  The album’s cornerstone is the dense slinking groove and echoed vocals of the catchy and trance-inducing cut “Mein.”  Combined with the psychedelic synths that comprise the enchantingly galactic tune of “Pilfer” and the glitchy percussion and chopped-up vocal samples that define album closer “Day We Met,” Be So True proves to be a remarkably solid release from start to finish.  Buy it on iTunes.

MillionYoung – Mein
MillionYoung – Local Joke (Neon Indian Cover)

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