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Single Serving: The Dime – Rollin’ Up 2 (DJ Crimson Remix)

I don’t get excited about every track I receive in my inbox.  In fact, most of it doesn’t make it to a second listen for good reason.  And that goes triple for most of the remixes I receive.   This track, however, by Richmond, California’s The Dime is mad slick, and it’s definitely been receiving a number of spins on the iPod.  And I’d bet that you are going to feel the groove of this one too.   The Dime consists of duo Nightshift and Chioke who alternate the vocal duties here.  The original version of this tune will be on their album The Brickyard Cove due out this summer.  This remix by Oakland’s DJ Crimson features an old-school style R&B groove, smooth cuts, and a heavy layer of velvet.  Its a chill way to start the week off with a laid back vibe.

The Dime – Rollin’ Up 2 (Dj Crimson Remix)

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