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Single Servings: Mos Dub – Max Tannone's Mos Def & Dub Music Mixtape

There is a good chance you’ve never heard of Max Tannone before, but you may have heard his music before.  He previously made waves in the blog-o-sphere with his Jaydiohead mixtape and the subsequent Encore EP where he mashed up portions of the Radiohead catalog with Jay-Z tunes.  And while a number of folks creating mash-up mixtapes would have simply faded into obscurity following their initial success, Max has returned with an even better collection of remixes blending Mos Def tracks with dub reggae music.  Indeed, it’d have been hard to craft a mash-up mixtape featuring two artists of higher profiles and cred than Jay-Z, so he simply focused on making the new theme work.  And he definitely succeeds.  Mos Dub is the name of the new mix, and you can download it here.

Mos Dub – Johnny Too Beef
Mos Dub – In My Math

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