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Single Serving: Cults – "Go Outside" (from Cults 7")

Allow me to introduce you to one of the most intriguing new musical discoveries making the rounds in musical circles this week: Cults. Extremely little is known about this band aside from their name and the fact that you can download a free 7″ single at bandcamp. Gorilla vs. Bear posted about them a few days ago, and they subsequently found their way to Pitchfork’s forkcast. Their band name and track titles have frustrated attempts to research them via traditional methods (i.e. try running a Google search for the following terms: Cults, New York, band, music, “Go Outside”, “The Curse”, and “Most Wanted” to get an idea of just how ungoogleable they are at this point). Their band camp page provides no details other than tags for “New York” and “Soul.”

And while I can’t share any info on the band itself, I can share a few tracks from the 7″. Lead track from the 7″ “Go Outside” is exceptionally engaging and featuring bright xylophone and distant, sunny vocals. Check em’ out:

Cults – Go Outside
Cults – Most Wanted

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