Musical Pairings: Memoryhouse - The Years E.P. (paired w/ souffled cheddar egg nests) - Turntable Kitchen
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Musical Pairings: Memoryhouse – The Years E.P. (paired w/ souffled cheddar egg nests)

Over on eating/sf, Kasey is featuring what has become one of our favorite new breakfast recipes: souffled cheddar eggs. As you’d expect, the whipped eggs are light and airy, but not without flavor as a result the cheddar, salt and pepper. If prepared right, the egg yolk is still runny and is almost sauce-like. If you are looking for a light morning recipe, this is it. It has the flavor to wake up your senses, but it is subtly flavorful. And for these reasons, Memoryhouse‘s serenely beautiful The Years E.P. is the perfect musical accompaniment for this recipe. It’s a wispy, dreamy record that is equally appropriate for chill nights at home with a glass of white wine or – even better – for relaxed, sleepy Sunday mornings.

Like diffused light spilling into a cozy kitchen window, opening cut “Sleep Patterns” spills out creating a hushed soundscape consisting solely of Evan Abeele’s hazy atmospherics, sparse drum machine, and Denise Nouvion’s lovely, cool vocals. As it clicks open, a phosphorescent luster fills the next track: “Lately (Deuxième)”. It’s a languid melody that slowly revolves forward and manages to feel somehow comforting despite Nouvion’s heavyhearted lyrics: “lately / my heart’s been breaking / my heart’s been breaking / through the seam.” The relatively more melodically upbeat “The Waves” follows and acts to break up the E.P.’s tone as well as to segue into the E.P.’s lead single: “To the Lighthouse.” The single itself is lush and sincere. If “Lately (Deuxième)” was cold and somnolent, the glow from “To The Lighthouse” is warming and full of slowly acquired energy. Memoryhouse has been a personal favorite for the past several months (at the time of writing they are in my top 3 artists on despite the fact that they haven’t even released a full album’s worth of material yet), so I can highly recommend this one. Besides, the entire album is available for free download at Arcade Sound Ltd.

Memoryhouse – Sleep Patterns
Memoryhouse – To The Lighthouse

Download the album now and play it on Sunday morning while trying out the recipe on eating/sf for Kasey’s souffled cheddar egg nests.