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Musical Pairings @ eating/sf: the March mixtape

Hey folks, welcome to the March mix. I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but March has been a great month for new music. In fact, there has been so much great new music, some of it has slipped by me without a chance for me to comment on it – including a number of great new tracks by MGMT, Drake and Neon Indian. Those tracks are all featured here, in addition to some of the other bands that have been stuck in my head this month. Basically, this mix is just that: a snapshot of what I’ve been listening to recently. Of course, if you are one of my regular readers you know I’ve also been listening to a lot of other stuff including, but not limited to, new music by The Morning Benders, Best Coast, Memoryhouse and the Dum Dum Girls – but because they’ve already (or will have) received a lot of attention around here this month, I decided to let them sit this one out. I hope you find something new and enjoy!

Musical Pairings @ eating/sf: the March mix (zip file)

1. Neon Indian – Sleep Paralysist
2. Washed Out – Get Up
3. Ra Ra Riot – St. Peter’s Day Festival
4. Pinback – Microtonic Wave
5. Cults – The Curse
6. Caravan – Love To Love You
7. Girls – Life in San Francisco
8. The Troggs – With a Girl Like You
9. The Strange Boys – Be Brave
10. Ike & Tina Turner – Good Good Loving
11. Elvis Costello – Miracle Man
12. MGMT – Flash Delirium
13. Drake – Over
14. Sleigh Bells – A/B Machines
15. Dodos – Red & Purple
16. Kid Cudi – Cubberisback (feat. Vampire Weekend)
17. Radiohead – Videotape (Mojib Remix)

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Oh yes – and thanks to my friend John. Several of the tracks here are straight off a mixtape he shared with our music club.