Single Serving: High Places - On Giving Up - Turntable Kitchen
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Single Serving: High Places – On Giving Up

The L.A. and Brooklyn based High Places (Rob Barber and Mary Pearson) are preparing the first full length since their critically acclaimed 2008 compilation 3/07-9/07. The follow up will be titled High Places v. Mankind and it finds the duo “tackling the complex, gigantic subject of being human and what it’s like to interact with other human beings. The album’s subject matter covers a wide range; from romantic relationships to overcoming addiction, aging, and finally death in the closing track ‘When It Comes.'”

“On Giving Up” is the first single from the new record, and features a shift in musical direction for High Places. The track sounds pretty much like nothing that appeared on their single collection, in part because Pearson’s mostly unaffected vocals are front and center alongside relatively prominent guitar riffs. Still, the rhythm is crisp and the syncopated beats are as forward and lovingly employed as ever in the smooth, layered tune. High Places v. Mankind is due out on April 6, 2010 from Thrill Jockey. The duo are playing the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on March 24, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. It’ll definitely be a show worth checking out!

High Places – On Giving Up
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