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Musical Pairings: Woods – Songs of Shame (paired with homemade spicy pickles)

The pickles Kasey posted over on eating/sf have proven to be hugely popular with pretty much everyone who has tried them. Without question, the recipe is a homemade masterpiece. Seriously, these pickles are spicy, full of flavor, and crisp. Because I wanted something crisp, spicy and homey, today’s pairing is the Brooklyn-based band Woods‘ fourth full-length Songs of Shame released by the ever-awesome Woodsist label back in April of last year. Songs of Shame is a homespun master blend of lo-fi, psychedelica, pop and folk-rock that you’ll want to play over and over until to you wear the grooves on your LP thin.

Woods present line-up consists of singer/guitarist Jeremy Earl, bass player Kevin Morby, tape-effects technician G. Lucas Crane and drummer Jarvis Taveniere. The band had developed a number of these cuts while touring over the course of about 12 months, which meant these tracks had plenty of time to soak, mature and full develop before they were laid down for the LP. The songwriting is clever, the guitars are tight and smart, and the music rewards repeated listens. The tracks on Songs of Shame range from ghostly folk-pop cuts like “The Number”; Sonic Youth-esque rockers like “To Clean”; political-pop such as the jangly “Military Madness”; and searing nine-minute psychedelic warblers like “September with Pete.” I highly recommend this one. You can buy a copy on LP over at Insound.

Woods – To Clean

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