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Single Serving: Beck – Modern Guilt (Acoustic)

We’re still recovering from our honeymoon in Argentina, and today we begin the celebrations for my friend Josh’s wedding (rehearsal tonight – wedding tomorrow). Congratulations Josh and Tara! As a result there isn’t going to be a traditional post today. Instead, I wanted to share MP3s of the Modern Guilt Acoustic session that Beck has been sharing videos of online. If you haven’t heard about it yet – in addition to releasing videos from his Record Club (where he is currently working on covering the entire The Songs of Leonard Cohen album – which I’ll post as well when it is completed) Beck quietly released acoustic versions of every song from his latest album Modern Guilt. Enjoy!

1. Orphans (Acoustic)
2. Gamma Ray (Acoustic)
3. Chemtrails (Acoustic)
4. Modern Guilt (Acoustic)
5. Youthless (Acoustic)
6. Walls (Acoustic)
7. Replica (Acoustic)
8. Soul of a Man (Acoustic)
9. Profanity Prayers (Acoustic)
10. Volcano (Acoustic)

P.S. We are still hosting the tracks from Beck’s take on the Velvet Underground & Nico album.