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New Music Buffet feat. Tim Williams, Mount Righteous, Stuart Newman, Sonace and Supercluster

One common dilemma faced here on Musical Pairings is that we receive submissions and otherwise discover music by a lot of talented artists and musicians that we’d love to promote, but whose album we haven’t yet found an appropriate Musical Pairing. For this reason, we’re starting a new semi-regular post here on Musical Pairings featuring some of the new music that we have received, but have yet had a chance to use as a Musical Pairing or Local Pairing.


Tim Williams‘ new album is the first featuring the songwriter with a full band. It is notable that on his latest release Careful Love even when the lyrical content of the songs aren’t upbeat, Williams’ music still can’t help but sound hopeful and optimistic. This is the music of a Brooklyn musician who underwent open-heart surgery, moved from Brooklyn to California, and fell in love.

MP3: Tim Williams – I Hit Another Wall

Mount Righteous is a 10-piece band hailing from Grapevine, Texas, who have been getting noticed for their loud, jubilant music featuring shout-out loud vocals, a prominent sousaphone, an accordion and marching band percussion. Call it “marching band pop.”

MP3: Mount Righteous – Sing For Me Tiffany

Stuart Newman is an unsigned 22 year old English singer/songwriter from Brighton, England, whose excellent soft, resonate acoustic ballads are reminiscent of a mellowed-out Jarvis Cocker. He is presently offering his album Single But Defective as a free download: Free album download link:

MP3: Stuart Newman – 51st State

Sonace is an unsigned progressive jazz, avant-garde composer from Spring, Texas. His latest album Wiretones Jazztap features 10 beautifully composed, richly textured tracks that will equally appeal to fans of John Zorn and Aphex Twin. This is headphone music that will freak you out.

MP3: Sonace – Econos Part IV

Supercluster is an Athens, Georgia mega-group and their latest album is a collaborative piece aided by members of Pylon, The Olivia Tremor Control/Circulatory System, Deerhunter, Casper & The Cookies, The New Sound of Numbers/Sound Horses, Instruments/Gnarls Barkley/Lil’ Wayne, and Bob Hay & The Jolly Beggars/Squalls.

MP3: Supercluster – I Got The Answer