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Musical Pairings: Voxtrot – (paired w/ raspberry buttermilk cake with salt and sugar crust)

The raspberry buttermilk cake is warm, cozy and flavorful. And, it is a relatively simple recipe. Nonetheless, it manages to be a somewhat surprising bite. The crust alone is interesting: sweet, but slightly salty. And although it isn’t quite as sweet as many other desserts, it is still a sweet dish, and requires an upbeat Musical Pairing. For this reason, the Raised by Wolves EP by Austin, Texas’ Voxtrot is an excellent pairing for this dish. Many of the EP’s best tracks are about love. But, like the best songs about love, many of these songs, although sweet, are occasionally salty: (i.e. compare these lyrics from the track “The Start of Something”: “If I die clutching your photograph don’t call me boring it’s just cause I like you” vs. “Well, I’m sorry everybody knows you can’t break me with your gutter prose.”). Additionally, Voxtrot’s music on Raised by Wolves, like the raspberry buttermilk cake, is surprisingly complex: part Belle & Sebastian, part the Smiths, and a little hint of 60’s era Motown.

Originally released in 2005, Raised by Wolves served as the band’s fantastic introduction to the indie music scene. “The Start of Something” was probably my favorite song for the better part of late 2005 and/or early 2006. The track features some of the most beautifully poetic lyrics in indie-rock; one of the most danceable guitar riffs since the Smith’s “This Charming Man”; and lead singer Ramesh Srivastava’s warm, comforting vocals. The other four songs on the EP are also upbeat and notable for excellent instrumentation and witty lyrics, especially the title track “Raised by Wolves.” On a side note, I’ve always wished Voxtrot would record a cover of the Cure’s classic cut “From The Edge of the Dep Green Sea” and I’m sure that this desire stems from the similarity between both bands’ witty prose-like lyrics, and catchy instrumentation.

Voxtrot are currently working on new material, and are offering up a new MP3 on their website entitled “Trepanation Party” which seems to signal a relatively substantial change in direction for the band. Check it out below, and stop by Insound to pick up a Voxtrot album (the Mothers, Daughters, and Wives EP is also phenomenal).

Voxtrot – The Start of Something
Voxtrot (Ramesh Srivastava solo) – Shayla (Blondie Cover – Acoustic)
Voxtrot – Trepanation Party

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