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  1. TK016: MØ – Pilgrim & Maiden 7″

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    It’s incredibly easy to imagine Copenhagen-based chanteuse MØ as the breakout artist of 2013. After all, with little more than a pair of singles she’s already set the table with a successful 2012. Her performances during New York’s CMJ Festival last October were widely hailed as triumphant and stunning. In fact, the buzz generated her wide praise from Pitchfork, NME, and a score of music blogs and critics (including this one). She’s already been featured on the covers of a number of music magazines and her name was a common entry on many “Best of 2012” lists. She’ll be heavily in demand during this year’s SXSW after which one might expect the hype to grow even more intense. As you can imagine, we’re incredibly proud to be able to share her debut single with you this month!

    The 7” leads with her latest single “Pilgrim.” The track unfolds with a stuttering vocal-looped rhythm laced with deep hits of grimy low end. Bright, punchy brass horns punctuate a bouncing, organic beat before segueing into our heroine’s smoky, sexy croon as she intones: “Oh, what a world I was born into, warriors are lying down.” But despite her opening lament she makes it clear that she has plenty of fight left in her as the tune tumbles from those simmering verses into a defiant and energetic chorus.

    It’s balanced alongside her debut track “Maiden.” The cut opens with a clean and staggering hip hop beat that crashes into an exceptionally bright, swirling guitar riff. Dense clouds of wet, foggy bass fill the soundstage before the spotlight again returns to her intoxicating vocals. MØ sings sweetly and sensually as she purrs “I am the maiden for you.” However, she also makes it clear that she’s no helpless damsel in distress, simultaneously exuding strength and grace as she croons: “like a warrior’s blade, proud and fine, let victory be mine.” Indeed, with a little more like this, there can be no question that victory will be hers.

    MØ – Pilgrim

    We pressed 400 copies on bright green vinyl and 60 copies on gold vinyl. They are all sold out. Subscribe to the Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box to make sure you never miss one of our releases.

  2. TK015: Seamonster – Neighbors 7″

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    The music of Virginia Beach’s Seamonster (a.k.a. Adrian Todd Webb) has long been a favorite in our home. Although it’d be a mistake to over-generalize his style, I think it is fair to say that, by and large, Webb is known for recording tunes that are crisp, thoughtful, and exude a tender warmth. It’s also true that he generally favors a DIY-styled sonic palette that collects sounds from a combination of traditional and non-traditional sources from which he creates his folksy, often quirky, key-board anchored tunes. His Two Birds EP was one of my favorites released in 2010 and his new Baldessari LP is similarly excellent and engaging. As you can imagine, we were honored when he and his label (our good friends at Gold Robot Records) suggested we partner for this release through the Pairings Box.

    Although not precisely “new,” both of the tracks featured here are exclusive to this release and have never been previously released in any form. The a-side “Crystal Tear” is based upon a novel by Alfred Jarry and features instrumentation recorded from 2010 paired with newly recorded vocals. It builds upon a gently swaying, clean melody that is pillowed with a mesh of shimmering tones, taut acoustic guitar, and a slow, steady rhythm. The result is a soundscape that is hazy and pleasantly dream-like.

    Meanwhile, the b-side, “I Thought I Saw You In My Peripheral Vision,” is built from music Webb originally recorded in 2005 with an old Yamaha keyboard. It’s now partnered alongside newly recorded vocals and a few “iPad calculator flourishes.” It’s quietly buoyant and charmingly playful with its laid-back, head-bobbingly upbeat tune and swirling keys. Together, the pair of tunes are an irresistibly fun set that compliment one another beautifully.

    You can grab a copy of this limited edition vinyl single (400 copies on blue vinyl, 60 copies on gold vinyl) only by subscribing to the Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box. It’s available digitally on iTunes via Gold Robot Records.

  3. TK011: Save The Clocktower – Like That / Drip 7″

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    Save The Clocktower - Like That / Drip 7" single from Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box

    Fall may be just around the corner, but the Summer isn’t over yet! And, for me, during the summer months upbeat pop jams are as mandatory as soft t-shirts and suntan lotion. So, it’s in that spirit that I’ve been completely in love with the Chicago, Illinois four-piece Save The Clocktower. On their debut album released in 2011, Save The Clocktower consisted primarily of drummer/vocalist Greg Newton, guitarist/vocalist Sean Paras, and synth/pianist Jimmy Shenk. Since that time, they’ve been joined by Greg’s brother Chris Newton as the band’s fourth member. The newly rounded out quartet released their sophomore release, Through The Looking Glass, on July 3rd. For me, it was love at first listen. There are sugary hooks, catchy melodies and smooth grooves. It’s nearly impossible to not have a good time listening to that album. So, as you can imagine, we knew they were a perfect choice for the August Pairings Box.

    The a-side is the brightly lit and upbeat pop jam “Like That.” It’s pure indie-pop awesomeness tinted with warm, laser-like disco-synths, a steady grooving piano-anchored rhythm, and heaps of smooth “Oh, girl…” and “Ew, baby…” croons. To top it all off, it’s gorgeously atmospheric and irresistibly catchy. This is the jam for the after party. This is the jam for driving cross-country with your best friends with the windows down tapping the armrest as you cruise. Oh, and we’ve just made it easy to figure out which jam to start your next summer BBQ playlist with. You’re welcome.

    Meanwhile, the b-side is a remaster of the lithe, blinking opener from the group’s debut album “Drip” which was redone especially for the Pairings Box. It serves as an excellent compliment to the single’s a-side because it demonstrates just how flexible this band is sonically. “Drip” features snappy, skipping percussion and a pair of unexpected stuttering, psych break downs that tear the track apart before bringing it all back together.

    Save The Clocktower – Like That

    We have a few copies of the August Pairings Box left. If you want one, you better get it now. They’ll be gone by Wednesday. Head to the Save The Clocktower website for more awesomeness by them.

  4. TK009: Oscar Key Sung – All I Think About (Part 1) / Higher 5th Bounce 7″

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    This month’s featured artist, Australian-born vocalist and songwriter Oscar Key Sung (a.k.a. Oscar Vincente Slorach-Thorn of Oscar + Martin), is one of my favorite artists to place R&B’s sonic stereotypes on his “Kill List.” The single’s a-side, “All I Think About (Part 1),” is the glimmering, rainbow-tinged highlight of his excellent, sparse and slow grooving Tape Voice EP that debuted earlier this year. It opens with synth-chipped vocal harmonies that echo across a desolate soundstage forming the delicate foundation for Oscar’s warm, bright croon. In the background sharp clicks flicker through the air and synths bubble just beneath the surface. Later a steady rhythm is introduced alongside a nearly overwhelming cascading synth riff as he desperately sings: “Mystery girl, where did you get those Darth Vader powers? You’re all that I think about.” It’s a tremendous pop composition that’s as engaging as it is electrifying.

    Meanwhile, the single’s b-side is a previously unreleased groove “Higher 5th Bounce.” It’s a slow, atmospheric tune that chirps and clicks along while playfully juxtaposing giggling vocal snippets beside swirling melodies and distant but soulful vocal harmonies. The engaging tune was created by the extremely talented producer Thomas William before Oscar did an edit and added his vocals. As it unfurls, Oscar tentatively sings: “You said it hurts when you don’t get it. I’m trying to give it, but you’re holding it back. I should hold it back too, but I can’t hold it back with you.” The vocals alone give me goosebumps. Get ready to fall in love!

    This one is available on hand-numbered, limited to 375 copies smoky clear and black vinyl that you can only get through the Pairings Box. Copies are going fast so get them before they are gone.

  5. TK007: NO – Stay With Me 7″


    Los Angeles-based band NO have been on fire lately. IFC (the International Film Channel) recently described them as “one of the best bands in Los Angeles.” It’s a sentiment we strongly share (you may recall that last year we listed them as one of Turntable Kitchen’s Top EPs of 2011). They’ve also drawn accolades recently from TIME, which listed them as one of the top bands to watch at this year’s SXSW. So, yup, we’re once again incredibly proud of our featured artist. The single’s a-side, “Stay With Me,” is the devastatingly powerful ballad that opened the band’s debut EP. The cut opens with frontman Bradley Hanan Carter singing “I’m only human / I’m fully of mistakes” with the sort of well-worn gravitas one could only otherwise expect from vocalists like Matt Berninger (The National) or Bill Callahan (Smog). The cut is smoldering and moody with a melody that builds like a snowball gaining momentum and scale as it rolls down hill.

    The single’s b-side is the exclusive debut of a previously-unreleased track that can only be found on this single. It’s darkly cinematic and as lush as anything that band has released to date. It’s filled with a subtle rat-a-tat rhythm and shimmering guitar drones that build upon a soaring melody. It’s also top secret so we can’t say much more about it other than that it is an original track (not a cover), has never been available in any other format, and is freaking fantastic.

    NO – Stay With Me

    We pressed 375 copies of the hand-numbered gold vinyl single. They aren’t all gone yet, but we have less than 10% remaining and I highly doubt they’ll last through the end of the week. Turntable Kitchen doesn’t do 2nd pressings. As always, they are only available through the Pairings Box. Get one before they are gone.

  6. TK004: Cheerleader – New Daze / Do What You Want 7″


    I’ve been very eager to announce the featured artist for our latest (and long sold out) fourth Pairings Box. Well, the cat is finally our of the bag, and as many of our subscribers already know, we’ve teamed up with Cheerleader for the January Pairings Box! For the sake of the uninitiated: Cheerleader is the nom de guerre of Hartford, Connecticut duo Donovan Rex and Max Friday. I first fell in love with their music with the lo-fi cut “New Daze,” the a-side on this month’s limited edition, hand-numbered vinyl single, when the duo digitally released their first two songs this past June. “New Daze” features a jubilant melody, a shuffling and hand-clap soaked rhythm and a rubbery, clean bass-line. It was a strong introduction to the duo’s music, and it won them many fans (myself included). Heck, it led many of my colleagues to quickly peg Cheerleader as one of the hottest new bands of 2011 and one of the top bands to watch in 2012.

    The single’s b-side is the brand-new, previously unreleased cut “Do What You Want.” Whistle-tinged and as sunny and bright as a blue-skied summer day, it features shimmering synths, breezy harmonies and crisp, clean guitar riffs. It’s deliriously infectious. But, like any good upbeat pop song, things aren’t as sunny as they appear. The chorus sounds joyous, but it would be hard to miss the uneasiness in the lyrics: “If only yesterday I knew all that I learned today I can’t really say if anything would change. Would it be the same?” And by the time they reach the title line in the lyrics, it’s clear that when they sing “you can do what you want” that the lyric isn’t a rallying cry but more of a shrug of disappointment. Thankfully, the song is no such thing.

    Cheerleader – Do What You Want

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  7. TK003: Steffaloo – When The Sun Goes Down / Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go 7″

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    For our third Pairings Box we teamed up with our Los Angeles-dwelling friend Steffaloo.  The pair of tracks featured on the sold-out, hand-numbered TK003 7″ exemplify Steffaloo’s ability to break a song down to its core to reveal the tune’s inner beauty. For example, you’ll hear it in her take on Wham!’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.” I think we can all agree that the original is fun, infectious and upbeat, but if we are honest, it’s also sort of cheesy and over-the-top.  In other words, the original is the type of song that is perfect for a memorable scene in Zoolander. In her rendition, Steffaloo breaks the tune apart, carefully stripping the song down to its basic elements, revealing an inner beauty that simply isn’t apparent in the original. Meanwhile, the A-side is the enchanting highlight from her solo debut, Meet Me In Mountauk, titled, “When The Sun Goes Down.” It is an elegant and shimmering ballad spun along nothing more than a straightforward, acoustic-guitar based melody and Steffaloo’s lovely, feather-light vocals. It is pure love.

    Steffaloo – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (WHAM! Cover)

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  8. TK002: Evenings – Lo-Velo / Babe 7″

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    It’s hard to believe it’s already been a month since we released TK001 (a.k.a. the October Pairings Box), but it is true.  For our second release, I am beyond honored to announce that Evenings, a.k.a. Virginia-based Nathan Broaddus, is the featured artist for our second 7″ vinyl single.  This debut single is what folks in the industry refer to as a “double a-side” featuring the beautiful and smoothly rolling single “Lo-Vélo” from his phenomenal Lately LP backed with the snappy, binaural North Dorm EP track “Babe.”  The pair of tracks are fully infused with gorgeous textures, intriguing rhythms and hypnotic melodies.  The duo are so vivid and brightly lit that if you sit back and close your eyes they’ll transport you.

    Evenings – Lo-Vélo

    If you act fast you can pick up one of the nearly sold-out November boxes now.