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  1. Single Serving: Spoon – Kung Fu Bakery Mixes Apr 6 07

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    Until last month Spoon had made a habit of releasing a “bonus” MP3 on their website monthly for free download. These tracks generally consisted of demos and live tracks. Today’s Single Serving is a collection of demos from the Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga session that they released on the website. The album these were pulled from is titled “Kung Fu Bakery Mixes Apr 6 07” presumably indicating that they were recorded on April 6, 2007 at Kung Fu Bakery in Portland. Although the tags indicate that there are at least 12 tracks to the collection, these are all of the MP3s that have been released to date (that I am aware of). Enjoy!

    Spoon – Black Like Me demo + real drums
    Spoon – Jap Cig Case Oceanside demo
    Spoon – Cherry Bomb from scratch demo