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  1. Single Serving: Four Tet – Pyramid (Atoms For Peace Remix)

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    So, Thom Yorke’s Atoms For Peace did a remix of Four Tet’s “Pyramids.” Do you really need to know much more than that? How about this: it’s dark, it’s dubby, it twitches, it pulsates, it bumps, and it’s all kinds of awesome. If that’s not enough yum for you, then check out Four Tet’s remix of Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie.” Together they really should be your Saturday night.

    More Four Tet on his Soundcloud page.

  2. Single Serving: Young Galaxy – New Summer

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    Young Galaxy have certainly demonstrated a knack for tapping the right people to remix their material. First they offered a great remix by Peaking Lights of their track “Pretty Boy” and now there is this complete re-imagination of the track “New Summer” by Doldrums. The original is a neon, synth-sweetened jam whereas the remix transitions from a smooth vocal-led melody with little accompaniment to a skittering, gnarly rhythm.

    Ultramarine is available for preorder as a limited-edition 180-gram autographed copy on white vinyl. I nabbed one already. Thanks to Sly Vinyl for the deets on the limited edition release.

  3. Single Serving: Young Galaxy – Pretty Boy (Peaking Lights Remix)

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    I’m not really a “remix type-of-guy.” Typically, a remix has to exceed the original for me to get into it. While I’m not sure I can say that the Peaking Lights Remix of Young Galaxy‘s “Pretty Boy” exceeds the original, I’m feeling it nonetheless. The original tune is a synth-heavy, percolating groove with a swirling ambiance. Peaking Lights don’t stray far from the original, but they do lend the bright, bubbling ambiance of the original a more textured feel. You can listen to both below.

    Watch Young Galaxy’s website for more info.

  4. Turntable Kitchen :: The July 2012 Mix


    Some of my mixes come together quickly and some are harder to piece together. For whatever reason, the July 2012 Mix was one of the harder mixes to piece together. Nonetheless, in the end I think it came out quite nicely and I think you’ll agree. We’ve got blazing hot new music from Frank Ocean, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Tame Impala, Sean Blackthorn, Lord Huron, and Flying Lotus (feat. Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler no less). There are also jams by newcomers including Leif, Young Hunting, Seatraffic, Yuna, The People’s Temple (who we were introduced to by our newest contributor Robert), and Arc In The Round (who we were introduced to by our friend Bruce). There are some interesting covers and some engaging remixes. There is indie rock, indie r&b, a little electronica, and some hip hop. Yup, the July 2012 Mix might just have it all. And now you do too.

    Also, you may have noticed that we’ve had a few changes around here recently. For example, you may find the Turntable Kitchen Market of particular interest. At the moment we’re selling a few items including a pair of specially designed TK shirts. We’ve only had a limited number of the shirts made and they are selling pretty quickly. Order before the end of the week and we’ll throw in a few goodies leftover from our previous Pairings Boxes.

    Turntable Kitchen :: The July 2012 Mix (.zip file)

    01. Lord Huron – Time To Run
    02. Young Hunting – Maze
    03. Tame Impala – Apocalypse Dreams
    04. The People’s Temple – Looter’s Game
    05. Wake Up Lucid – Feel It
    06. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Only In My Dreams
    07. Seatraffic – Crimes
    08. Sweet Valley – Total Carnage
    09. Flying Lotus feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy – Between Friends
    10. PICNICTYME – Horizons (feat. A.Dd +)
    11. Frank Ocean – Sweat Life
    12. JMSN – Alone (Kastle Remix)
    13. Yuna – Live Your Life
    14. tUnE-yArDs – Gangsta (Ellie Herring Remix)
    15. Leif – Wut (5kin And Bone5)
    16. Arc In Round – Hallowed
    17. Trails and Ways – Miracle (Ghost Beach Cover)
    18. Taken By Trees – Dreams
    19. Miniature Tigers – I Should Have Known (The Beatles Cover)
    20. How To Dress Well – Ocean Floor For Everything
    21. Sean Blackthorn – [One] Night

  5. Single Servings: The xx – Angels (Bodhi Remix)

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    You’ve no doubt heard that The xx are poised to release their sophomore album Coexist on September 11. In fact, they’ve already released the first single “Angels” from the album. It’s sparse, velvety and as hot as wax dripping from smooth white candles.

    As you might imagine, it’s already getting the remix treatment from pretty much everyone on the Internet. As you can also no doubt imagine, most of those remixes aren’t particularly interesting or good. Thankfully, folks like Bodhi are out there working hard to justify the remix as an artform with his lush, newly composed version of the slow burning ballad. Hear his take and the original below.

    Preorder Coexist from Insound.

  6. Single Serving: Junip – In Every Direction (Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Remix)

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    Junip is definitely not one of those band that screams out at you as primo-remix material, but I’ll be damned if Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. didn’t knock it out of the park with this remix of “In Every Direction.”  Their take on the track boasts a skanking, skittering and shimmering rhythm with booming, taut percussion and an unpredictable restructuring of the entire melody.  This one could earn both artists some new fans.  The track is available on the In Every Direction EP which includes some choice Junip B-sides and some slick remixes.

    Junip – In Every Direction (Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Remix)

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  7. Single Serving: The Antlers – VCR (The xx Cover)

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    How does the idea of a stripped-down, indie folk cover of The xx’s “VCR” sound to you?  Ok, now what if I told you that shit was going to be sung by the Antler’s front man, Peter Silberman, like he owned it?  Damn straight you’d be pumped to hear it.  Well, as you may have heard, I’ve been scavenging the Internets recently for a little project we are working on with the Noise Pop Festival, and during said scavenging I stumbled upon this beauty.  Download now!

    The Antlers – VCR (The xx Cover)

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  8. Single Serving: Drugg – Crooks (Vision of Trees Remix)


    Here is yet another track that I was introduced to following the listening room party last Friday.  This one was played for the room by one of my favorite fellow bloggers: No Modest Bear.  It’s got a dubby, bass-forward bi-bi-bi-wah-wah-wah-type rhythm and bubbly, blinking atmospherics that definitely own this track.  Hyper-textured melodies and ghostly, distant vocals round-out this sonic-stew.  Give it a listen. Or two.  Screw it, you might want to play this track on repeat for the next hour.

    Drugg – Crooks (Vision of Trees Remix)

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  9. Single Serving: Big Boi vs. The Black Keys – The Brothers of Chico Dusty

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    Wow. Just wow. Nashville’s Wick-it the Instigator just blew my mind with this album full of tracks pitting The Black Keys’ Brothers album against Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Song of Dusty Chico.  The results, which he titled The Brothers of Chico Dusty, is stunning.

    “Shudderbug” is paired perfectly alongside the whistling, crunchy-guitar melody from “Tighten Up.”  “Next Girl” is carefully blended into “You Ain’t No DJ.” Every stitch is seamless.  I’ve been jamming to it since yesterday afternoon with no end in sight with regard to the replay value.   Thanks to Covert Curiosity which is where I discovered it.  Download the album from Wick-It The Instigator’s Bandcamp where you can also check out some of his previous mixtapes.  Oh yeah, it is free.

    Big Boi vs. The Black Keys – You Ain’t The Next DJ
    Big Boi vs. The Black Keys – The Only Fat Sax
    Big Boi vs. The Black Keys – Black Bug

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  10. Single Serving: Arcade Fire – Black Mirror (KNIGHT STALKER Remix)


    It seriously doesn’t feel like Christmas is over. Especially since I found an awesome gift waiting in my inbox this morning.  L.A. based KNIGHT STALKER sent me two amazing new tracks.  The first is a stuttering, dark wave remix of Arcade Fire’s “Black Mirror.”   And let me tell you: I’m so feeling that remix.  Already on my third play.  And I’m sure I’ll be playing it all morning.

    But I’m not sure what to make of the second track they sent me.  It is an original called “Restless.”  It is a shimmering, tape-hiss saturated, psychedelic, lo-fi acoustic ballad.  And I am so feeling it too.  But can this really be the same band?  I’m pretty sure it is – but these folks are demonstrating some serious flexibility in their songwriting.  I’d happily devour an album worth of material that sounded like either track.  You want these songs now.  And if you find yourself fiending for more – stop by their bandcamp page for a few more tracks.

    KNIGHT STALKER – Restless
    Arcade Fire – Black Mirror (KNIGHT STALKER Remix)

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  11. Turntable Kitchen :: The Top EPs of 2010

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    As a matter of personal opinion, I think year-end lists should distinguish between LPs and EPs.  After all, EPs are treated differently by pretty much everyone: artists, consumers and critics.  Indeed, most EPs offer very different experiences from full length records.  Musicians, for example, have historically chose to use EPs as a way to release material that is more experimental than their usual music.   EPs have also been used to collect and release material that just didn’t fit with the mood/theme/concept of the album they were originally recorded for.

    Fans and critics tend to treat EPs differently too.  For example, if you ask most fans or critics to list off Radiohead or The National’s best albums – most won’t think to include Radiohead’s Airbag / How Am I Driving? EP or The National’s Cherry Tree EP even though both EPs include some of those bands best tracks.

    And in 2010 the EP has reached new levels of popularity with the music consuming public (and therefore greater importance in a band’s discography).  Many bands in 2010 discovered that releasing a free EP on bandcamp was the quickest way to connect with listeners and build a fan base.   This was certainly true for a number of bands on this list, and the result is that some of 2010’s best – most exciting – new music was released by musicians who were willing to give away 5-6 songs if it meant connecting with fans and making a name for themselves.   And as the CD slowly dies away, you can expect the popularity of the EP format to continue to rise.  Even Thom Yorke from Radiohead has repeatedly suggested that Radiohead has considered foregoing the album format in the future to focus instead on singles and EPs.  So it is likely that we will continue to see more EPs in the future – and maybe even at the expense of the LP.  And as you can tell from the list below, this doesn’t mean we’ll get less good music.  In fact, it may mean more great new music.

    1. We Are Trees – Boyfriend EP :: We Are Trees – Final Round
    :: Read TK’s Review of We Are Trees – Boyfriend EP ::

    2. Girls – Broken Dreams Club EP :: Girls – Heartbreaker
    :: Read TK’s Review of Girls – Broken Dreams Club ::

    3. Evenings – North Dorm EP :: Evenings – Friend [Lover]
    :: Read TK’s Review of Evenings – North Dorm EP ::

    4. Memoryhouse – The Years EP :: Memoryhouse – Sleep Patterns
    :: Read TK’s Review of Memoryhouse – The Years EP ::

    5. Shabazz Palaces – Of Light EP :: Shabazz Palaces – Gunbeat Falls
    :: Read TK’s Review of Shabazz Palaces – Of Light EP ::

    6. Teen Daze – Four More Years EP :: Teen Daze – Shine On, You Crazy White Cap
    :: Read TK’s Review of Teen Daze – Four More Years EP ::

    7. DOM – Sun Bronzed Greek Godz :: DOM – Living In America
    :: Read TK’s Review of DOM – Sun Bronzed Greek Godz ::

    8. Twin Sister – Color Your Life EP :: Twin Sister – All Around and Away We Go

    9. Blackbird Blackbird – Happy High EP :: Blackbird Blackbird – So Sorry, Girl
    :: Read TK’s First Review of Tracks from Blackbird Blackbird – Happy High EP ::

    10. TV Girl – TV Girl EP :: TV Girl – I Don’t Care
    :: Read TK’s Review of TV Girl – TV Girl EP ::

    11. Lord Huron – Mighty EP :: Lord Huron – Mighty

    12. L▲ke Radio – The Weather EP :: LAKE R▲DIO – VCR Operation
    :: Read TK’s Review of L▲ke Radio – The Weather EP ::

    13. DannielRadall – La Femme EP :: DannielRadall – Stoned?
    :: Read TK’s Review of DannielRadall – La Femme EP ::

    14. Seams – Tourist :: Seams – Hung Markets

    15. Sufjan Stevens – All Delighted People EP :: Sufjan Stevens – Heirloom

    16. Hammocks & Honey – Spellbinder EP :: Hammocks and Honey – Undone
    :: Read TK’s Review of Hammocks & Honey – Spellbinder EP ::

    17. Sex Church – 6 Songs EP :: Sex Church – Ghost
    :: Read TK’s Review of Sex Church – 6 Songs EP ::

    18. Kurt Vile – Square Shells EP :: Kurt Vile – Invisibility: Nonexistent

    19. Longstay – Houses & Homes :: Longstay – Together!
    :: Read TK’s Review of Longstay – Houses & Homes EP ::

    20. Mean Lady – Kid Friendly EP :: Mean Lady – Lonely

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