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  1. Single Serving: Florist – Cool and Refreshing

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    Underneath Florist‘s (Emily Sprague) shaking vocals, “Cool and Refreshing” is tough. It’s a celebration of life and a moment to reflect on the little things that make you burst with happiness. The song’s light folk-pop make-up, delicately woven with the fear and tenacity of its lyrics, wraps around you to say, “it’s terrifying” but “it’s totally fine.”

  2. Single Serving: Majical Cloudz – Silver Car Crash

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    Montreal electronic band Majical Cloudz (Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto) have a strong back catalogue of mellow, electro-pop fit for your melancholia, but “Silver Car Crash,” the first single from their forthcoming album Are You Alone? out Oct. 16th, is some of their strongest work to date.

    Inspired by the Andy Warhol painting “Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)” Majical Cloudz‘ “Silver Car Crash” is a lush and emotional undertaking. Amongst a sparse soundscape, broken up periodically by some skittery electronics, Welsh sings in a notably higher register about love’s overwhelming weight and, like The Smiths declared, that “to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.”

  3. Single Serving: JEEN – NY Island

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    Part of Broken Social Scene member Brendan Canning’s side-project Cookie Duster, Toronto’s Jeen O’Brien (JEEN) is set to release her debut solo album Tourist in June. One of a few songs from the album already floating around“NY Island” is a bright and clearly catchy number that has a great garage-rock vibe to it. A fun pop song that’s just sweet enough.

  4. Single Serving: No Vacation – Beach Bummer

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    Looking for songs to add to your summer 2015 playlist? Look no further than the dreamy-pop of San Francisco duo No Vacation. One of many standout tracks from their debut record Amo XO, the playful rhythm of “Beach Bummer” is infectious. The track also masterfully balances the carefree feelings of summer and, thanks to some gloomy lyrics, the sadness of heartbreak that is so often paired with the summer months.

  5. Single Serving: The Acorn – Influence

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    After a five year break, Ottawa’s The Acorn have returned with a surprisingly fresh new sound. Doing away with their previous folk-rock selves, in their new song “Influence” The Acorn instead pair electronic elements (that groovy pulsing synth!) with an acoustic guitar. It’s an unexpected combo from the band but wholly welcome.

    “Influence” will appear on the band’s record Vieux Loup due out May 19th via Paper Bag Records

  6. Single Serving: Night Manager – Pizza Pasta

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    Lo-fi pop music bleeding slightly-muddied, reverb-drenched guitars and sunshiny harmonies? Sure we’ve heard it in a few other places the past couple of summers, but with their latest single Brooklyn-based Night Manager has pretty firmly established that there is still room on our plates for another helping — especially when it includes more than a dash of quality song-writing.  Well, for me anyways, their latest single “Pizza Pasta” hits all the right buttons, and in turn, I keep finding myself hitting “play”.

    Night Manager – Pizza Pasta

    Buy their limited edition 7″ single (100 copies) from Bandcamp.