1. Single Serving: Youth Lagoon – The Knower

    Last week Youth Lagoon, a.k.a. the project of Idaho-based Trevor Powers, announced the followup, Savage Hills Ballroom, to his excellent 2013 LP Wondrous Bughouse. He also dished up a free 7″ vinyl featuring the album’s first single “The Knower.” If you missed out on the hard-to-find free vinyl, you can now hear the track below. Continue…

    Take a listen to the stuttering, beautiful new single "The Knower" from Idaho-based Youth Lagoon.

  2. Single Serving: Oslo Parks – Slipping Away

    This latest single “Slipping Away” by Brighton-duo Oslo Parks (a.k.a. Rob Flynn & Ian Booth) is suitably elusive and shimmering with a nice, dreamlike vibe to it. Anyways, it’s definitely helping me float on by this morning. Take a listen and, If you’re feeling it too, you can score their past singles via iTunes.

  3. ExclusiveTK046

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    Welcome to the digital download page for our latest Pairings Box. From here you can download MP3s of the tracks from this month’s vinyl and our latest mixtape featuring the best new music we’ve heard this month! The vinyl this month features the debut EP by Los Angeles-based vōx, a.k.a. Sarah Winters. We’ve mentioned it before Continue…

  4. Single Serving: No Vacation – Dræm Girl

    San Francisco’s No Vacation just dropped a brand new single titled “Dræm Girl” which will appear on their upcoming Summer Break Mixtape. It’s a lo-fi jam split into two distinct parts including a melodic first half filled with hushed vocals and an upbeat vibe and a more frantic, feedback filled break down on the second half.

  5. Single Serving: Diet Cig – Sleep Talk

    Only a few months ago, New Platz-based duo Diet Cig, a.k.a. Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman, released Over Easy which has proven to be one of our favorite EPs of the year so far. Happily, it hasn’t taken them long to follow it up with a brand new 7″ single set for release this September. Loose, brutally honest, Continue…

  6. Single Serving: The Gorgeous Chans – Marina & I

    If you live in a locale where dreary weather is the norm you probably get used to having dark grey clouds always lingering overhead……except if you’re a member of The Gorgeous Chans that is. I’m convinced this new-on-the-scene 6 piece all have a bubbles of sunshine following them wherever they go. Take a listen to Continue…

  7. Single Serving: PWR BTTM – Ugly Cherries

    The opening riffs on this latest single from New York’s PWR BTTM are undeniably righteous. Titled “Ugly Cherries” it’s the title-track from their forthcoming new album and, happily, the rest of the tune is as enjoyable and toe-tappingly infectious as those dramatic, fiery guitars. The album is being released through a partnership between Miscreant Records + Father/Daughter Continue…

  8. Single Serving: kiiara – Gold

    Bewitching. That’s the first word that comes to my mind when listening to the debut single from Chicago’s Kiiara. Titled “Gold” it’s a jumbled flow of cut-up vocals buoyed by a bubbling, minimalist rhythm. I cannot wait to hear more.

  9. Single Serving: Pale Honey – Youth

    Sweden’s Pale Honey dropped their debut album earlier this May. It flew under my radar at the time, but I’m definitely liking what I hear from their latest single “Youth.” Alternating between simmering and boiling over, it’s a fiery, raucous rocker that reminds me a little of my old P.J. Harvey records – just a little brighter melodically.

  10. Single Serving: The Parlor – The Surgeon’s Knife

    New York art pop duo The Parlor are prepping for the September release of their sophomore album Wahzu Wahzu. It’s described as an amalgamation of “folk, dance, world, and trance” but our first taste, the record’s debut single “The Surgeon’s Knife,” is all dizzying, rainbow-bright disco grooves. It’s simply bursting at the seams with sparkling, upbeat ambiance – Continue…

  11. Single Serving: CHINAH – Away From Me

    Danish trio CHINAH unveil their stunning debut track that comes straight from the band’s bedrooms in Nørrebro, Copenhagen (where the song was born from a since-wave from a synthesizer). It’s called “Away From Me” and it’s a subtle blending of electronic soft pop dipped into a sophisticated R&B sound. This beguiling piece of work is taken Continue…

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