1. TK050: VÉRITÉ – Sentiment EP

    Talk about a fast rising star. Brooklyn-based synth-pop artist VÉRITÉ (better known to her friends and family as Kelsey Byrne) released her first single just over a year ago and has been skyrocketing to acclaim ever since. Indeed, she’s already released a pair of hot-as-fire EPs of smart, mesmerizing pop. She’s performed at numerous music Continue…

    We're excited to announce that we're releasing VÉRITÉ's Sentiment EP in the latest Pairings Box!

  2. Single Serving: Ardyn – Help Me On My Way

    UK-based boy/girl twins Ardyn only have a pair of songs to their name but they’re both unusually impressive. The latest is “Help Me On My Way” and it’s a textured, atmospheric vibe that’ll grab you by your neck. If you haven’t heard their first single yet, you might want to check that one out as Continue…

  3. Single Serving: nvdes – Fela

    We’ve enjoyed all of his output to date, but this latest single from Los Angeles-based nvdes is particularly irresistible. Clocking in at just under two and a half minutes, the vibrant and energetic “Fela” is a welcome blast of hot air on a cold day. Give it a spin and see for yourself.

  4. Single Serving: DIIV – Bent (Roi’s Song)

    DIIV‘s new album Is the Is Are drops in February of next year via the good people at Captured Tracks. That means we’ve got a little while to wait to hear the whole thing, but, in the meantime, you can take a listen to their fiery, reverb-laced new single “Bent (Roi’s Song).”

  5. Single Serving: Phoria – Melatonin

    The Brighton quintet Phoria hold true forward-thinking (read: avant-garde) artistic talents for expansive, visually evocative soundscapes. They now return with “Melatonin” their first release since 2014. The track gets into themes of subconscious time-travel “Somewhere between your dreams and your waking life is a path that you might not notice yourself following.” This outstanding piece Continue…

  6. Single Serving: Francis – Follow Me Home

    A seemingly familiar name popped up on my Soundcloud stream yesterday, Swedish indie band, Francis are back with a new single “Follow Me Home” It’s been over 3 years since their last EP, This Must Be Blood, was released and I couldn’t think of a better song than “Follow Me Home” to return with. The Continue…

  7. Single Serving: Michl – Kill Our Way To Heaven

    LA based newcomer Michl (pronounced my-kull) has teamed up with the producer Lewis Hughes to deliver an impressive debut track. With “Kill Our Way To Haeven” Michl gives a self-reflective view on the sacrifices of success “I’m just trying to make art that can be challenging but embraced at the same time.” Take a listen Continue…

  8. Single Serving: Florist – Cool and Refreshing

    Underneath Florist‘s (Emily Sprague) shaking vocals, “Cool and Refreshing” is tough. It’s a celebration of life and a moment to reflect on the little things that make you burst with happiness. The song’s light folk-pop make-up, delicately woven with the fear and tenacity of its lyrics, wraps around you to say, “it’s terrifying” but “it’s totally fine.”

  9. Single Serving: Martin Courtney – Northern Highway

    Although it seems unlikely Martin Courtney could create music  alone that matches the dreaminess of what his band Real Estate makes, he has. In his first solo outing, Courtney goes deep into reverie, grabbing listeners with his delicious power-pop melodies before we fall into a complete unconsciousness. From Many Moons, out Oct. 30th, “Northern Highway” has a, fittingly, rambling pace to it as Courtney takes a Continue…

  10. Single Serving: Mexico City Blondes – Worry

    It’s been a month now since Santa Barbara’s Mexico City Blondes debuted their self titled EP, and although their champagne bubbles may have finally subsided, it is my opinion that it’s never too late to celebrate great music. So carpe better late than never. Among the six stunning tracks found inside the MCB EP are Continue…

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