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  1. TK042: Lunifred Benjamin – Selections From Autumn Suite for August Minor

    We’ve been super excited to share this one with you. Indeed, it’s no exaggeration to say that this month we’re featuring someone we consider to be one of the most unique and exciting songwriters we’ve stumbled upon in a long time. That said, you’d be forgiven if you’re not already familiar with the music of Continue…

    We're very excited to announce that Lunifred Benjamin is the featured artist in our March Pairings Box!

  2. Single Serving: Living Hour – Miss Emerald Green

    Here’s something new we’re excited about. Like a daydream of a beach vacation, “Miss Emerald Green” by Winnipeg’s Living Hour is ethereal, sweltering and tropical. Indeed, the atmosphere is starry and psychedelic but there’s a warm current of sweeping, beach-side melodies flowing just beneath the surface. Close your eyes, take a listen, and let the Continue…

  3. Single Serving: Faith Healer – Canonized

    The more I hear from Edmonton-based Faith Healer the harder I crush on them. Their latest single “Canonized” is a snarling, effervescent guitar rocker that explodes along a shifting trajectory of sharp, fuzz-soaked riffs and ebullient harmonies. And, damn, does it ever sound incredible. More please.

  4. Single Serving: VÉRITÉ – Wasteland

    New York’s VÉRITÉ has returned with her biggest pop tune to date. With the weekend upon us, “Wasteland” is appropriately upbeat and rainbow-hued with a driving beat to accompany her as she sings, “I want a heart unbreakable / so I can feel it all.” Take a listen.

  5. Single Serving: Purity Ring – bodyache

    Future pop duo Purity Ring have returned with another single from their forthcoming LP Another Eternity. The lovely and brilliantly lit “bodyache” comes packaged with some lovely visuals (see below). Act quick and you can score the limited-edition white vinyl version of Another Eternity from 4AD (out March 3rd).

  6. Single Serving: Leon Bridges – Lisa Sawyer

    Leon Bridges isn’t reinventing the wheel, but he’s definitely hitting upon something different with his vintage jams. We described his debut tunes by noting that Bridges “doesn’t just reclaim the sounds of early Southern soul and gospel, he writes songs as if he were possessed by the ghost of Sam Cooke himself.” That continues to prove true on Continue…

  7. Single Serving: Black Honey – Madonna

    Brighton four-piece Black Honey are back with a double a-side single featuring new cuts “Madonna” and “Spinning Wheel.” The sweltering, psychedelic pop rocker “Madonna” is the first of the pair to drop and you can stream it below. The single will be released in a limited edition run of CDs via Duly Noted Records that Continue…

  8. José González – Vestiges and Claws

    It’s been seven years since José González last released a solo album. And, in some ways, it’s hard to ignore just how much time has past while listening to his new album Vestiges and Claws. Between singles from a new Sufjan Stevens’ album billed as a return to “folk music” and a newly released Iron Continue…

  9. Single Serving: Pooltheory – The Dreamer

    The debut single “The Dreamer” by Los Angeles-based Pooltheory is a total vibe. Built around a soft-strummed acoustic guitar and a sweeping melody with soaring choruses, it’s somewhat reminiscent of Yoshimi-era Flaming Lips. It’s definitely a promising introduction. Give it a spin below.

  10. Single Serving: Robyn Sherwell – Islander (Le Bear Noir Remix)

    Hailing from the Bailiwick of Guernsey, rising pop songwriter Robyn Sherwell has been earning new fans over the past several months thanks to a series of bright, upbeat pop jams. Today we’re excited to premiere a dark and bass-heavy reworking of her latest single “Islander” by Le Bear Noir. Sherwell’s vocals remain in the spotlight Continue…

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