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A Sweet Little Giveaway: Win a TK Tee, Homemade Jam, and Ghost Loft 7″

A week or so ago, I posted on Facebook that I had made 9 jars of apricot jam. I was overwhelmed by the number of people who said they wanted to try some…and so, a giveaway was born! We’re still riding the high of having just launched the TK Market and had a few coveted Ghost Loft records set aside for occasions like this, so we decided to create a special little TK package for one lucky winner. If you win, you’ll receive:

1. The Ghost Loft 7″ record featured in the Italian-themed July Pairings Box (psst…we’re now accepting orders for the August Pairings Box!)
2. 1 Turntable Kitchen Record Player Tee in Heather Gray (you’ll be able to select your size).
3. 1 jar of homemade apricot-vanilla bean jam, lovingly made by me. The jam is made from apricots grown in my parents’ yard in San Jose, CA so, while not ‘certified,’ I’d say I’m pretty sure they are organic. The vanilla beans you can also purchase from the TK Market (they smell heavenly!). The jam comes in a cute little Weck jar (I’m slightly obsessed).

What do you need to do to enter? Leave a comment on this post, letting us know what you’d like to see featured in the TK Market, or what you currently like about it.

A random winner will be selected and announced on our Facebook page this Friday, August 3rd (be sure to Like our page to stay updated).

For those wondering, I do plan to share the jam recipe!

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Posted by Kasey

Kasey is the food editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. She loves dark chocolate, warm crusty bread, and traveling to new places. She speaks Russian, but does not like vodka.

  • Matthew Carefully

    Hello! Rad giveaway!

    What I love most about the TK Market is the possibilities for expanding what you already do so well on this site. I can imagine limited food items, specialty/small batch coffee roasts, limited flavor samples and more.


  • Seth B

    One off 7inches that don’t make the pairings box (or are leftovers, I love leftovers)

  • meister @ the nervous cook

    I’m way into jam — basically any condiment you can dream up. I’m crazy for condiments.

    (PS: Really cool t-shirt!)

  • Mila

    Could you do Turntable Kitchen aprons+chef hats?

  • Sheila R.

    Extra samples of the ingredients you use in the pairing boxes would be lovely (but everything about Turntable Kitchen is quite lovely already!)

  • Erin Crowley

    I would live to see dried chamomile in the store. It has been my favorite pairing box item so far.

  • Amy

    Love the new t-shirts in the market store! Would love to see more food-type items or unique kitchen gadgets 🙂

  • Samantha

    Some of the great ingredients you use, of course!

  • Brandon Henry

    Would love to see a ‘Greatest Hits’ cookbook.

  • Idle Wife

    I’d like to see more awesome kitchen utensils and goodies! (Like those cool little Weck jars!)

  • Cool kitchen items

  • Melissa // the faux martha

    I’ve been dreaming about that jam! I’d love to see a print of the t-shirt art in the TK Market. Such cool art!

  • MarmEat

    I’m following TK from Paris, I’m French and love food+music also (your monthly mixtapes are great ! This is basically what i’m listening to through my web discoveries). I would see some cooking ustensils and home accessories, but also books and food products you love in the TK Market. Thank you !

  • brittany

    I just signed up for the August box, and can’t wait to get the first one! I will keep you updated with what I would like to see more of. I think little kitchen knick knacks would be fun for each box 🙂

  • jose moutinho

    I really like to try out the vegetarian recipes you guys post, almost as much as I like your taste in music. Some indian food would be nice, with the sweet sound of a sitar spinning in the background….

    (Humm, that 7″ would look mighty tasty playing in my kitchen turntable on top of my fridge…)

  • Marc Hughes

    I love the suprise of each month! I’d love to see some more books. Keep up the great work though!

  • Louise

    More of the food you feature in your boxes would be great.

  • Rachel

    How about some TT Kitchen graphics (which are awesome, btw) on dish towels or napkins for the market? I can never have enough of those. More homemade goodies like your jam would be fun too!

  • Mariana

    My ears and belly both say thanks 😉 – I’d love to maybe see some stickers of the neat designs you have made on the shirts, and the JAM!

  • I’d love to taste, hear and wear that. I just hope I don’t mix that up.

  • Rachel

    I love that you’re selling the vanilla beans, more products like that would be great!

  • Laura

    Long sleeve tees/hoodies! It gets coooold in Canada 🙂

  • Dish towels, napkins, aprons, and other usable kitchen items would be great!

  • Kenda

    Dried Mushrooms/ honey!

  • sarah kieffer

    Thanks for such a lovely giveaway! I’d love to see dish towels, aprons, and long sleeved T’s.

  • coni

    extras from the boxes and small producer’s products….
    my mom sent us kids up the apricot trees in SJ too! near Alum Rock? Her jam was legendary!

  • Kathleen Bush-Joseph

    I love the idea of a cool printed Turntable Kitchen apron. I always used to think that aprons were silly until I realized that I was using mine all the time haha.


  • jordan

    You could sell your own spice blends in the market or maybe a book of photos & recipes.
    Also, I love the design for the new T-Shirt.

  • Not to be annoyingly modern, but I’d super dig some MP3 compilations of the tunes you recommend with your recipes. Love love love the blog!

  • Travis

    A recipe for pomegranate jam!!

  • Nicole

    I love the pairings boxes and also the t-shirts! You guys did a great job with the design.

  • naturallyella

    I love the t-shirt designs and I have to agree with a couple other people- aprons would be pretty neat! (Ps- that jam looks to-die for!)

  • Richard

    I’d love to see more tshirt designs, or a recipe for a mint sauce that’ll help my roast lamb.

  • Amanda

    Love your blog! I think aprons would be great. A recipe book too?

  • Love your tee’s, I’m all about super soft fabric 🙂

  • I’d love to see some actual turntables and vinyls! I know it is probably pretty expensive for you guys, but hopefully you will be able to pull it off! Also it would be nice to see some prepared goods by you, like cookies and jams, something that has a longer shelf life so it will make more sense for you guys. Good luck with the store!

  • I love all the products in the TK Market and would love to see more spices like tonka beans and recipe cards or dish towels would be lovely! I am obsessed with weck jars too and apricots are my favorite fruit 🙂

  • You guys are awesome and I’m loving the pairings boxes (though I can’t buy as much as I’d like…damn finances!)

  • I just love the mix of things you have on here… it’s pretty much everything I’m interested in. And I love the post on Sicily!

  • Denise Lu

    the t shirts look amazing! and that jam looks delectable.

  • Albert Carreon

    How about some Spanish or Hungarian paprika?

  • Cody McKee

    Yeah, put me down for wanting to see a cookbook! And I believe the girlfriend would absolutely love a sweet vinyl-themed apron 🙂

  • i would like to see a cookbook

  • I gotta with a simple cotton apron…

  • Marty Campbell

    I think a recipe book would be a great idea. I would also like to see more items with your logo, like stickers and such.

  • For sure and compiled cookbook replete with a 3-disc compilation of cooking and dining music.

  • Manette Mattingly Gutterman

    Strawberry Basil jam paired with a great indie vinyl sounds up my alley…

  • Matthew Diwata

    I would love to see some “essential spices” sold at the market!

  • that shirt is killer, love to wear it + represent in my new city (chicago)… would love to see digital playlists (for purchase?) and some CA coffee selections (four barrel, sightglass, barefoot).

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