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Stylish in the Kitchen: Father’s Day Edition


My father famously convinced me out of going to college in Wisconsin, despite agreeing to fly to Madison to see it. He nearly convinced me out of taking my first job out of college at a young and up-and-coming firm, but in a rare moment of adult confidence, I didn’t take his advice and did my own thing. If there is anyone I ever feel the need to impress, it’s my dad. His stamp of approval can sometimes feel like the most important one. I often see mothers and their young daughters and think about how much I hope that one day I’ll have a little girl because it seems there is no closer friendship. But it is my relationship with my dad that reassures me how strong a bond a father and a daughter, a parent and child of the opposite sex, can have.

My dad was the first man to buy me roses. He has never stood me up on a dinner date, not once. He helped me negotiate my first salary, and every salary after that, so that I always knew how much my work was worth. He knew all those boys in high school and college were fools, not worthy of my time, but he never stood in the way of my mistakes. He once drove 14 hours in one day to pick me up from school. He always brings a box of Costco supplies to my house, saying, “I thought you could use  some food!” He thinks that everything I bake is the ‘best thing ever.’ He always tells me my hair looks great. He gave the best father of the bride speech anyone will ever hear at a wedding (let’s just say it lasted more than 5 minutes, included a contact I wrote in the 3rd grade, and people still talk about it to this day).

He has never disappointed me.

I won’t lie, my dad and I don’t always have the perfect relationship. We argue about everything under the sun, and tend to disagree about everything from politics to how to vacation (though, we stand united when it comes to religion). But, sometimes it seems, the more we fight, the more we love. And at the end of the day, I can’t really imagine having a better dad.

This Father’s Day happens to also be my mom’s birthday, so there’ll be some double celebrating going on. I was thinking about all of the things my dad enjoys, and how he might want to spend Father’s Day, and I realized that my dad would probably choose to just have me make him some tasty breakfast goodies, have an espresso, show me some of his newest tech gadgets and stylish accessories, then do his thing on the grill, drink wine and talk and talk all night.

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Posted by Kasey

Kasey is the food editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. She loves dark chocolate, warm crusty bread, and traveling to new places. She speaks Russian, but does not like vodka.

  • Shelley

    1) Where are you from originally? and 2) Your dad talked you out of being a Badger? I’m sorry for your loss. 🙂 In all seriousness, college is what you make of it regardless of where you go so hopefully you enjoyed your experience wherever you ended up! My parents had to talk me INTO college in Wisconsin (because it was cheaper than another out of state school) and I don’t regret it one bit.

  • We’re from California. It was my dad’s way of keeping me close to home 🙂 I ended up going to school at UC San Diego – not a bad deal! Though, I have several friends who are from Wisconsin, and went to school there, and I’m sure I would have had a fantastic experience there.

  • Great post, Kasey. My sister and I were raised by a single-mom. It’s comforting to read such a positive piece about your relationship with your dad. Examples like this, and my being married to a very good man are healing, in a way.

  • Sounds like you have a really great dad, Kasey. I’m lucky to say that I have a great one, too. He’s the best.

  • Thank you, Jess! I definitely think it’s important to acknowledge great dads. Mine made a tremendous impact on me on, in so many ways. Everyone comes from a different family dynamic, and we are all molded by our experiences, but I think the relationship between a father and daughter can be a really, truly special one. And I think there are some really amazing men out there, who have a lot to offer their daughters. x

  • Sounds like we both lucked out in the dad department. Hope you have something fun planned with yours this weekend!

  • You’re dad sounds top notch, Kasey! Happy Father’s Day to him and I agree that the Noble syrups are worthy of Dad’s day!

  • Thanks, Aida! Happy father’s to yours! I actually have never tried Noble syrups, but I’m dying to. I think both my dad and I would really enjoy them, esp. drizzled on some decadent breakfast pancakes…

  • erin

    Kasey, Happy Father’s Day to your dad and thanks for the inspiration for my husband!

    I hope you guys have an amazing time in Sicily! We’ll be right near by in Capri and Greece. Cannot wait.


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