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Turntable Kitchen :: the October 2011 Mix (Plus Sonos PLAY:3 and Bridge GIVEAWAY)

The October 2011 Mix is heavy on the new music with only a handful of tracks whose release will date back to more than a couple of months, but that is just a testament to all of the great music that has been making the rounds. I think 2011 will be remembered as a very good year for new music. A lot of the artists on here you’ve heard before if you follow us regularly, and a lot of the rest of it will be featured here in the near future during the course of the month. But however you look at it, the bottom line is that there is a lot to love here. Speaking of great music, I wonder if one of these artists is going to appear on a future limited-edition 7″ for Turntable Kitchen’s Pairings Box?  Could be, but our lips are sealed.

Anyways, I’d suggest turning up the volume dial as loud as it will go and blasting these jams until you blow out those old speakers you’ve been using.  You’re probably thinking: “But if I blow out my speakers, what will I use to listen to the Turntable Kitchen November 2011 Mix?”  Well, you’re in luck!  We’re partnering with Sonos to offer one reader a Sonos PLAY:3 speaker system and a Sonos Bridge to setup your Sonos wireless network (approx. retail value $350)!  Sweet, huh?  You can see a picture below.  But I’m not going to give this baby up easily. To win you’re going to have to tell me your city’s best kept secret in the comments section. I’ll pick a winner on Monday, October 17th.  If you don’t win, you can always score Sonos equipment at Target.

Update: The giveaway is now close and we’ve selected and notified our winner.  Stay tuned for more great giveaways!

Turntable Kitchen :: The October 2011 Mix (.zip file)

01. FIDLAR – Max Can’t Surf
02. Ty Segall – My Sunshine
03. The Moor – Warm Winter
04. Leisure – Green Light
05. Strange Boys – Me and You
06. St. Vincent – Cruel
07. Warm Ghost – G.T.W.S.
08. Dead Western Plains – People Beat
09. Azealia Banks – 212
10. Coeur de Pirate – Wicked Games (The Weeknd Cover)
11. Work Drugs – Catalina Wine Mixer
12. Gospel Gossip – Dream Awake
13. Tashaki Miyaki – Nothing Can Change This Love (Same Cooke Cover)
14. Said The Whale – B.C. Orienteering
15. White Denim – Hot Thought
16. Poolside – Harvest Moon
17. Katie Kim – 20,500 Miles (The Pretenders Cover/Rework)
18. Hindi Zahra – Fascination
19. Waters – For The One
20. Cate Le Bon – Work


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Posted by Matthew Hickey

Matthew is the music editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. He’s addicted to vinyl records, pour over coffee, craft beer, small batch bourbon, and pan roasting pork chops.

  • Chris Santillo

    Best kept secret? I’ve always thought more people should know about the lobster tail pastries at Mike’s pastry in the north end of Boston.


    And I’d love to win the Sonos!

  • Jeremy

    not much of a secret, but I am a bit partial to graffeats (specifically the Noise Pop Covers dinners)…the idea is fresh and fun, like the food, and we still talk about the ‘hot potato/cold potato’ 🙂

  • Jeremypearl
  • SaraS

    Lunacy Black Market.
    My absolute favorite tapas place. The food is extraordinary but the chef, Luna, is inspiring. We always wind up with a couple experimental dishes and a long thoughtful conversation with the owners, Luna and his wife Cynthia.
    If you ever find yourself in Atlanta, don’t miss Lunacy.

  • Mahshad

    A beautiful former yerberia and botanica in residential east Austin turned speakeasy, open two nights a week (Monday & Tuesday), and by invitation only. The proprietor has filled the space with exquisite gyspy art and vintage finds, and serves delicious fresh cocktails you can sip in a dim, romantic corner, or on a rocking bench in the lush back patio.

  • Vanessa Rodriguez

    This isn’t necessarily a store or a restaurant, but a wonderful destination nonetheless. There is a neighborhood not far from where I live that has a wooded trail behind the clubhouse. Not many people take the time to walk all the way out, so it’s isolated for the most part. After walking a ways, the trail leads you into the forest, which looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale. Thick, tall trees with branches reaching out every which way, and a river that runs parallel to the trail. I’ve taken friends there for fishing, long walks, picnics, photography shoots. It’s like for a few hours you’re not in your town anymore. A wonderful and refreshing escape.

  • Vanessa Rodriguez

    This is a photo I took there with a friend a few months back, to give you an idea of the beauty.

  • Elisha Cohen

    Enchanted Forest in Santa Cruz. It up in the mountains behind the buddhist temple and has beautiful hiking trails. Many people in SC haven’t even heard of it before but its one of my favorite spots.

  • Idle Wife

    There’s a thrift store not too far from one of the popular malls in South Edmonton. It’s got the best furniture at the best prices! It’s only open 3 days a week and it’s hard to google because its name is Find. There’s nowhere else in town where I’ve seen such a large selection of great pieces at really great prices. I wish I would have known about it 3 years ago. All of my furniture would have been purchased there. (idle.wife at yahoo dot ca)

  • I’ve been to Mike’s (AMAZING!) but I missed out on the lobster tail pastry (I opted for the cannoli…)

  • Wow! I want to know where that is (though I understand why you’d want to keep it a secret…)

  • It’s pretty brilliant to name a store ‘Find’ – definitely not ideal for Google searches – but, it sounds pretty amazing.

  • HowNearHowFar

    Near the Fairgrounds racetrack in New Orleans is a little hole-in-the-wall called Liuzza’s by the Tracks (it is not related to the more famous Liuzza’s). Like many places in New Orleans, it doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the food inside is mind-blowing. The BBQ Shrimp Po-Boy is life-changing…

  • Best kept secret in SF, so many to choose fromt. I’ll say Cafe Royale on Bush/Leavenworth.

  • Tom

    Grand Rapids is a pretty well-kept secret in its entirety. The most attention we’ve gotten since the Ford administration was when Newsweek said we were “dying”. But secretly, we’re awesome (don’t tell). So, “Awesome Dying City Secret Tour” stops should include, on the “Kitchen” side, breakfast at Wolfgang’s (no, not Puck), lunch at Yesterdog and dinner at San Chez (tapas). On the “Turntable” side, Vertigo is best kept secret of a record store EVER. Load up on vinyl and then see a concert at the Ladies Literary Club, which is the best kept secret of a venue EVER. Theodore Roosevelt once spoke at this gorgeous and tiny theater. More recently, you could have seen Fleet Foxes, Titus Andronicus and Best Coast there (just to name a few).

    I secretly hope G.R. stays a secret…

  • duzzo

    your mom’s house.

  • Dan5053

    baltimore’s best kept secret- the oranges band

  • Fort Lowell Records

    Tucson’s best kept secret is Salvador Duran, featured on the Luz de Vida comp! I am in love with his track! 🙂

  • Mandy

    All of the free events at the Union Terrace in Madison, WI. They bring in some great bands week after week.

  • Vanessa Rodriguez

    It’s in Kissimmee, FL. The neighborhood is Villa Del Sol. Also, unrelated sidenote: I was esctatic when I saw you had a post about Francoise Hardy. She’s really great. I’m obsessed with French music, and if you haven’t heard of France Gall or Yves Montand, you’re missing out on life. Haha, sorry for the tangent.

  • Ashley

    Miami’s best kept secret is Jimbo’s. It’s not so much a bar as much as it is a shack where they sell canned beers out of coolers for $3. There’s a dilapidated bocce court (a rare find in Miami), as well as various brightly colored shacks and abandoned school buses that give it a sort of “commune” vibe. The people that live there in the tents and houseboats seem pretty crazy and there are rarely any people there besides the “regulars.” It is the perfect secret spot to escape the hoards of people on the beaches of Virginia Key!

  • There is also a “Find” in Portland, ME… it’s a hipster reclaimed clothes shop… good stuff…

  • In the past few years Portland Maine (unlike the west coast imposter) has gotten a great reputation as a foodie town. We have a couple of James Beard winners and the NYTimes can not go more than a few weeks without raving about some Portland restaurant. Despite all the hype, there are still some uncovered gems. Caiola’s in the West End, and just a 2 block walk from my house, is one of those gems. Every time I go I wonder why I don’t fo more often. Starting with Sunday Brunch. First of all $5 Bloodies that are fantastic. The homemade poptarts are a hit with kids and adults alike. It’s hard to order something other than the Oyster Po’Boy and I know how far from New Orleans we are!
    The dinners do not disappoint either!

  • I just skipped to the Harvest moon and WOW!!!! That is awesome!!! love the groove and the floating harmonies. I just found my song of fall! Thanks.

  • Wow. Portland, Maine sounds very awesome. Kasey and I were talking about wanting to take a trip to Maine just this weekend.

  • Yeah, I totally dig that track. Glad you like it too!

  • This weekend would have been perfect, as we are having unbelievable weather right now. It’s warm and the leaves are en fuego with fall colors. It’s gonna get cold very soon but the fall is worth it.

  • Do you know why when I import into iTunes the order gets all messed up? I have tried a number of different sorting possibilities and it still does this? I have noticed it with other of your mixes as well. I sometimes end up making a playlist to preserve the order.

  • Hmmm. I can’t say for sure. When I make the mix I make a playlist in iTunes, so that is what I do. However, you could also probably batch edit the tracks and go to the “Get Info” option. Then in the bottom right corner of the “Info” tab click “Part of a Compilation”. I think that might resolve it. If it does, I’ll be sure to do that for all the future mixes as well.

  • That was already checked, and still the way that it downloaded had the order mixed up. I just made a playlist and am playing them in the order that they were intended to be listened to. So far I think that this is one of the best playlists you have put together. Well done sir.

  • Ricoslim

    Best. Mixtape. Yet.

  • Hell yeah! Thanks man.

  • I’d actually argue that Fort Lowell Records or the Luz de Vida comp are Tuscon’s best kept secrets. But then I think Fort Lowell Records isn’t really a “secret” anymore.

  • navy | gray

    Norristown, Pennsylvania is the only place in the entire world where you will find a legendary sandwich called ‘the zep.’ Zeps are made using kaiser rolls, an inch of sliced salami, sliced onions and tomatoes, oregano and a little bit of oil. It sounds simple, but it is actually one of the most delicious renditions of the classic hoagie known to mankind. It is best enjoyed with a glass of wooder (which is how we pronounce ‘water’, haha). I highly, highly recommend you try one. : )

    Also, ever since I came across this blog on hypemachine, my life has changed for the better, haha. I love being the person who knows all this great new music before everyone else, and when I introduce people to the songs, they always say “oh my god, how do you find all this amazing music?!”

    And I tell them. Turntable Kitchen.

    Thank you so much for this blog. From all the people in my dorm who love it now, too, best autumn wishes.

  • Christopher Plaskett

    You two should go, definitely. It really is a heck of a good time. Don’t miss the Great Lost Bear if you do go — excellent bar with an obscene selection of brew on tap as well as really tasty pub fare.

    Also, spend some time on Peaks Island if possible. Gorgeous.

  • In Alexandria (MN) there is a place called Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale (SAWA). As you’d expect, they have a nice selection of wines and beers but it has also become a well regarded spot for live music. Accomplished performers such as blues extraordinaire Dan Mahar that have performed on The Tonight Show (Johnny Carson) and the Grand Ole Opry and Christine Rosholt (seen often at The Dakota in Minneapolis) are regulars.

  • Mxaxtxt

    Aside from The Beat, Sacramento has a new indie record shop called PhonoSelect that has all the things any mixologist could ever need. Plus they are really nice people.

  • Billy_McSkintos

    Newport Beach, ca, every Friday and Saturday the Island hotel flies in former Vegas entertainer of the year, Jimmy Hopper, for a free show.

  • Man, you are making me wish I had more vacation time. Of course, I always wish I had more vacation time.

  • George Raphael

    East Brunswick, NJ. Best Kept Secret: no matter where you go and how much you’ve changed, you always end up back here and still act the same. It’s a Zero-Point Destination in space and time.

  • prettysphinx

    Fort Tyron Park in NYC. For a city that never sleeps, this is the place to get some peace and quiet. I like to sit here, read, relax or have a picnic.

  • Anonymous

    Ten feet to the left of the sound board in the dead middle of the room at Schubas in Chicago, IL is the greatest place on earth to stand and listen to a band.

  • Daniel Washko

    There is an old gas station in KC that has the best burnt ends your taste buns will ever run across. Wednesdays, only.

    Oklahoma Joe’s.

  • ZoeRose

    Seattle’s best kept secret- Saigon Deli in the international district still sells amazingly delicious bahn mi sandwiches for $2.50! Please don’t tell anyone 😉

  • A great afternoon is enjoying a ginger and curry milkshake from Big Gay Ice Cream Truck at the scenic West Harlem Piers Park. A beautiful day with the sun on your shoulders, a cold drink, a good book and a peaceful view of the Hudson.

  • Saraminda

    Our best kept secret is that we have the lowest zip code of anywhere in the U.S. Aaron Lewis grew up in the next town too (Longmeadow, MA) we also had Mike Flynn (C) for the Baltimore Ravens too..

  • For the outrageous beer selection head to Novare Res …

  • sam moody

    Ellington, CT. We actually have more people than cows. SHHH!

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