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5 Questions With… Mike Krieger, Co-Founder of Instagram

We’re continuing the ’5 Questions With’ series and today we’re talking with Mike Krieger, the co-founder of the photo-sharing app Instagram.  Mike is a fan of great independent music and definitely in-the-know when it comes to up and coming artists – which seems fitting since most of those same artists are constantly posting pictures taken with Instagram to their Twitter stream! If you missed them earlier, check out 5 Questions With…Joy the Baker and 5 Questions With…  Emily Olson.

Name: Mike Krieger
Location: San Francisco, CA

What was your first concert? The first concert I remember going to was Dishwalla, back in 1997. Whatever happened to them?

What is your favorite musical discovery of 2011? For the happy times, Cults have been on heavy rotation over here; really excited to see them here in SF in July. For less cheery times, The Weeknd’s House of Balloons mixtape earlier this year blew my mind.

Cults – Oh My God
The Weeknd – House of Ballons – Glass Table Girls

What is your favorite food discovery of 2011? There’s a parking lot near our office in SoMa that has recently become a food-truck hot spot, which is awesome for variety—everything from bao buns, barbeque, and the most amazing BLT ever from 3-Sum Eats.

Favorite place to see a concert in San Francisco? I’ve been lucky enough to live a few blocks from two different venues in the city—Bottom of the Hill in Potrero, and now the Independent—but my favorite is still the Great American Music Hall, I have some awesome memories of seeing Arcade Fire on one of their first tours, Colin Meloy playing solo acoustic, and The Antlers on their most recent tour. I love the combination of new music + old-school decoration.

What is your music listening set up like (turntable, cd player, MP3 player, etc.)? Since I spend most of my time coding, having a great set of headphones makes a huge difference. I recently bought some new Sennheiser HD 280 closed-ear headphones (my Grados were driving my co-workers crazy) which I’m really happy with.

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Posted by Matthew Hickey

Matthew is the music editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. He’s addicted to vinyl records, pour over coffee, craft beer, small batch bourbon, and pan roasting pork chops.

  • nicole

    I’m obsessed with Instagram in a possibly unhealthy way. That food truck sounds like something I need in my life.

  • Kimberley

    Guys! I love your new “5 Questions With” series. Thumbs up.

  • Tracy

    I sooooo wish I had Instagram but I use a HTC Android phone. WAHHH. I’m missing out on all the funs.

  • Kasey

    I had an iPhone for years and was obsessed with Instagram, but just recently switched to Android. And i have to say, it is the NUMBER ONE app I miss the most. I hope they create an app for Android soon – either way, I’m pretty close to switching back to iPhone.

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