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Turntable Kitchen :: November 2010 Mix (& Hozac Records Giveaway)

Hello, it’s me.  Or rather, it is my first mixtape for our new site, which I have creatively titled “November 2010 Mix.”  As you have come to expect from the mixtapes I prepared on the old site, this mix is super-saturated with music that is elegant, juvenile, hissing, cooing, snarling, purring, lavish and razor-sharp.  Indeed, you are certain to stumble across faces you recognize as you wander these ever-changing corridors of sonic bliss.  Many of these artists have been previously featured on these pages before (such as the Decemberists, Bear Hands, The National, Real Estate, Kanye West, Theophilus London, the XX, Girl Talk, the Japandroids, Evenings, Tennis and Girl Talk), but this is the first time I’ll have introduced you to folks such as Ty Segall, La Sera, Courtship, Blouse, Emily Reo, Madjo, and Reading Rainbow (who was brought to us by the wonderful people at Hozac Records).

GIVEAWAY: (Contest has ended.  Thanks to all who participated!) And speaking of Hozac Records, I am more than a little excited to offer our next amazing contest celebrating our recent launch thanks to the awesome folks over at Hozac.  One lucky reader is about to hit the jackpot with a Hozac prize pack featuring four 12″ records (Super Wild Horses – Fifteen; Woven Bones – In and Out and Back Again; Medication – This Town; and Hozac Hookup Klub Round One feat. Dum Dum Girls, Idle Times, Woven Bones and way more) and nine 7″ singles (by the following artists: The Liminanas [red vinyl], Nerve City, The People’s Temple, Fey Gods, Myelin Sheaths, Burning Yellows, Sharp Ends, Nobunny [purple vinyl], and Fungi Girls [red vinyl]).   To win, simply leave a comment on this post.  Tweet about the November Mix to be entered twice.  Names will be thrown into a hat, and one winner will be selected at random.  See the picture at the bottom of the page to see what you can win.  Contest ends at 10:00 pm PT on Tuesday, December 7, 2010.

Turntable Kitchen :: Nov. 2010 Mix (zip File)

1. TV Girl – If You Want It
2. Bear Hands – Crime Pays
3. Ty Segall – Sad Fuzz
4. The National – Anyone’s Ghost (Acoustic SiriusXMU Session)
5. La Sera – Never Come Around
6. Real Estate – Out of Tune
7. Reading Rainbow – Always On My Mind
8. The Decemberists – Down By The Water
9. Courtship – Ride (Ciara Cover)
10. Blouse – Into Black
11. The XX – You’ve Got The Love (Theophilus London Remix)
12. Kanye West – Power (Remix)
13. Girl Talk – Every Day
14. Evenings – Friend [Lover]
15. Japandroids – Art Czar
16. Emily Reo – Tricycle (Psapp Cover)
17. Tennis – South Carolina
18. Madjo – Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Leadbelly Cover)

Don’t forget to “heart” our songs on hypem if you like what you hear!  Photo (upper left) used under Creative Commons license courtesy of Neil Krug.

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Posted by Matthew Hickey

Matthew is the music editor and co-founder of Turntable Kitchen. He’s addicted to vinyl records, pour over coffee, craft beer, small batch bourbon, and pan roasting pork chops.

  • Tobi

    Hi Matthew! Nice mix! And it’s a great way to try out the speakers of my new laptop today with a mix from TT. ;)Just listend to Ty Segall… great song.

    And the Theophilus London Remix is fantastic. 3 great artists combined in one song. yay!

  • Brian

    Awesome Mix!

    First Kaseys meatloaf and now this?!

    Add sections on wedding planning, world news, and fantasy football and I won’t need to visit any other website ever 🙂

  • Brian

    Too bad I’m not on Twitter 🙂

  • This is fantastic! What a great collection of music 🙂

  • Barry

    Very nice mix! Contest entry great success!

  • Amazing mix !

  • Adrian

    Hozac – thee record label of 2010!

  • Jeff

    Awesome Mix

  • dan o’connell

    thank you very much for the mix !

  • Sam o’rama

    Thanx for the mix, I’ve been wanting to check out La Sera.

  • TKC

    I dig the cover art.

  • adrienne

    Oh i can’t wait to listen to the mix when I get home. I’m usually a lurker, but i’m loving your new site.

  • I visit the Hozac Records website to marvel at their lineup of amazing bands several times a week. The contest give away is jaw dropping in quality of music. Thank you Turntable Kitchen for a great mix!

  • dave

    a remix of a cover that samples the original song lol. its a slippery slope my friends… soon we may never have to play an actual instrument ever again!

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve got nothing to add. I just want to win! Gimme, gimme.

  • mmm… vinyl… thanks for the mix

  • Matthew

    dave ~ Ha! It is pretty ‘meta’, isn’t it?

  • Matthew

    Adam & Adrian ~ Ditto. I joined the Hookup Klub this year, and regularly stop by just to see what new releases they have. If I ever start a label of my own – they’d be one of my role models.

  • Matthew

    Thanks Adrienne! Always feel free to leave a comment – it makes us feel loved 🙂 I hope you enjoy the mix!

  • Matthew

    TKC – I’m definitely a fan of the work of this photographer. If you follow the link from his name you can see some of his other photographs. For me it was love at first sight.

  • Matthew

    Brian ~ If you go back to Kasey’s posts leading up to September 2009 – I’m sure you’ll find advise on wedding planning. As for the rest: we’ll start drawing up the schematics for the fantasy football and world news parts.

  • Matthew

    Tobi! Always great to hear from you! I’m glad you liked Ty Segall – I’ve been listening to a lot of his recent record the past few weeks. Also agreed on that Theophilus London track – pretty awesome.

  • Sara Leitera


  • Dana

    Great mix. Thanks!

  • Cort

    Awesome collection would sound great on my new Stanton. This guy right here wants to win!

  • superb mix, and great vinyl porn!

  • Tony Prichard

    Great records!

  • Liz Hitt

    Hozac records is a sweetheart for always retweeting its own hot PR; even better if it gets me some fresh blood for the player. Weird to see kayne decemberists and Ty seagle on same mix though. Eclectic? Whatever.

  • Carolyn

    Great stuff. Kanye threw me for a loop, but went well with the others.

  • Elliott

    that sharp ends 7″ is a real solid slab of vinyl; fey gods are one of the better bands going right now. great contest!

  • Hamberguesa

    This is pretty wicked.

  • There’s nothing really better than a box of records. Sweet mix!

  • sandy

    nobunny is totally trashy, but I’d do him.

  • What a bag of swag !

  • mike

    I’ve never won a contest in my life! I think now should be my time! Super Wild Horses rule!!

  • Benjo

    Dude, did I miss it?

    Twitter is cruel.

  • kyanize

    That would really fill in my, sadly, lacking Hozac collection!

  • andrew.

    Nice mix. esp. like Real Estate & Ty Segal. stay classy.

  • blake

    def would be the best xmas present i get this year. or ever. hozac got it going on!

  • Sal

    Gimmie records!

  • Oh Hozac, what a bunch of rad dudez/dudettes. I need that crap!

  • Nick R.

    Hozac, one of the finest labels to emerge from a former smut magazine. Gimme those rekkids!

  • ~gloria

    thanksforthemix & Iwannawin!

  • Jesse


  • Skyler

    Hope I get the Hozac recs!

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